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Used As A Tonic And Adaptogen, Helping The Body Adapt To Stress!

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archtopnb12's Rating

I tried this before.. I am not sure how well it works as I started to take a few things with this with so I saw and felt an improvement but not sure which one actually did it..

gregcgrove's Rating

Helps me adapt to everyday stress and cope with combat related P.T.S.D.

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avn17's Rating

Took this for my grandfather having sleepless nights due to a high level of stress and that for years..He already feels a positive difference after 2 weeks!!..I already tried several products from NOW and awesome value for money for nearly all of their products!

ptfellows1's Rating

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Grimhowl's Rating

Grimhowl did not leave a written review for this product.

suryakantjoshi's Rating

my heart bit always in range 100 to 110 when walking and cardio its go above 125 when i get i capsule of ashwagandha it came down to 81 great

sshippee's Rating

The enteric coating, I think, is the issue. I have taken ashwaganda before that was a different brand and not coated. The impact I could realize in an hour. I do not get any impact from this form of ashwaganda.

islamsaid's Rating

islamsaid did not leave a written review for this product.

joejordan's Rating

Ashwagandha is not for everyone. I experienced a fairly persistent sore throat and neck after I began taking this, possibly due to an allergy to the substance. As it turns out, those are relatively common side effects. I also found that the first few times taking this, it actually raised my anxiety levels. Anecdotal of course, but take it for what it's worth.

manyu8821's Rating

I take this every alternate days.this stuff is powerful man. whenever i'm stressed, i can't sleep during the night, and wake up early feeling tired. when i take this, i tend to fall asleep faster and makes me sleep longer.

fourgablesguy's Rating

I started a new job also joined a gym and began a personal training program. Having responsibilities to my family, work and myself creates a stress in my life because I have limited time and resources to balance against competing priorities. It can feel like something has to give, and in the past for me it often ends up being my health/fitness goals. Ashwagandha and Cordycepts have helped me cope with stress, the stress of starting up an exercise program, new challenging job, and caring for a young family. My goals have been to avoid illness and maintain momentum on improving my physique, so far so good.

Djin2's Rating

Helps your body adapt to stress better then Rhodiola rosea, also doesn't increase your cortisol level. It's cheap and works well when your body is in higher levels of stress then normal.

nitto76's Rating

Great supplement, known to increase strength when taken consistently over a period of weeks. Helps keep stress levels at bay and great for those workout days.

Daver73's Rating

This product definitely works for reducing stress. If you take it when you're not feeling too stressed, you may hardly notice the difference--but you can tell it's working quite well on those days when you've just about had it. I take NOW Ashwagandha before workouts (and often at work when needed) to keep my cortisol levels low. Unlike many herbal supplements, Ashwagandha has an effect you can actually feel.

1-14 of 14 Reviews