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Formulated and Dosed for Females Designed to Promote Fat Loss!*

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sclingling's Rating

First time using this product, not impressed. I would recommend Cellucor HD instead.

iwaqasjafferey9's Rating

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jdjtest008's Rating

Great stuff! Highly recommended!

bugmarker's Rating

This supplement did absolutely nothing for me. I noticed no difference in either energy levels or fat loss. I get more from taking caffeine than I did from this over-priced supplement. Save your money and try something else. Very disappointed.

lbiaso11's Rating

I absolutely cannot take anything with caffeine because it makes me so nervous and I was afraid to take this. The first pill I took made me very hyper but not jittery so I only took one then worked out and was fine but a couple days later I took one before my workout and it gives me energy I never had before with no jitters. I only take it before workouts but I love it.

nochedetoro's Rating

I absolutely love Shred Her. I take one in the morning and one about 3 hours later. Not only can I skip the coffee in the morning but instead of snacking all day I found myself having to remind myself to eat! Despite the caffeine I don't get jittery or nauseas and unlike some pills, if you accidentally taste it while taking it, it tastes like raspberries so no worries! When I was healthy eating and exercise I went from 145lbs down to 130 but got stuck; since adding Shred Her I've been able to get down to 123. Just be sure to cycle it as you can raise your tolerance; I generally do 2 weeks on, 1 off.

Browngee's Rating

My gf was using this product and it was really helpful for her. but one of my friend his men. he wans to use this product, so my question is, is it possible for the men to use this product ?

TamBam10's Rating

Simply the best fat burner out there. Shred Her has all my favorite fat burning ingredients in one. Love the energy boost. Finally a fat burner that doesn't make my heart jump out of its chest!

FALLONJ's Rating

I recently purchased this along with Her CLA and Her Garcinia. These products work well together. Shred Her does what it says, definitely helped with my appetite and giving me energy. These supplements did not upset my stomach or cause me to become irregular. Which is a huge Plus! Digestion was not a problem for me with these products. Will definitely be ordering again, as I prepare for my next competition.

controllife's Rating

its perfect

bigrich05's Rating

Made me extremely nauseous!!

tonyalgarcia's Rating

I love all NLA her products. I have tried random products but felt as a female it was a little to intense for me. I am big into fitness and can't go without my NLA for her products. When I started working with a trainer he recommended this to me not knowing it was already in my cupboard. Lol. I take the Shred her in the morning and afternoon.

mmerritt79's Rating

I've been taking Shred Her for a ewe weeks now and I am enjoying it. I can tell a huge difference in my energy level for sure. I haven't noticed a great deal on the appetite control yet, but I think it could just be that my body is trying to get used to less food intake so I'm still feeling a little hungry. But I've read good reviews on it, so I am sure I'll start seeing all of the effects soon.

SAbrinaflane's Rating

Let start off by saying I love love love this product! Definitely gives me the energy I need to last through the day! Especially when I stack with CLA, and Carntine. ive taken Shred her since last year and it has helped in my weight loss of a total of 30lbs (of course with a healthy diet and excerise) . I will continue to by this product it's the best!!

Annamarie1823's Rating

Annamarie1823 did not leave a written review for this product.

Lauclark01's Rating

Shred Her is amazing! I have all day energy. I Take one capsule in the morning before I eat and again around 2:00pm. I don't feel jittery and with exercise and healthy eating I have been slowing losing fat. I highly recommend this product if you are active and want to lose fat.

rj3456's Rating

Shred Her is my favorite fat burner. Love the energy. Never gives me any crash or jittery feeling. Really enjoy it for morning cardio!

acv6744's Rating

acv6744 did not leave a written review for this product.

HollyReneeBB's Rating

This is possibly my favorite NLA product! However every supplement I take is a NLA product and I would give 10 stars for each and every one! I have tried tons of products in the past similar to this one and none have given me the results that the NLA Shred Her has! I have lost nearly 2 pant sizes in two months! Not to mention the energy boost I get from taking this product! I used to have to drink 5 shots of espresso a day and now I take two of these a day and I no longer need the coffee! I don't get the jittery feeling most products in the past have caused!

ingramstacey's Rating

I love NLA's products and Shred Her did not disappoint. Gives an added energy boost when I'm not feeling an additional cup of coffee. Highly recommended.

1-20 of 369 Reviews