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Muscle Building Whey Protein With Amino Acids*

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FigureGirl88's Rating
Chocolate Smooth

This is the first ever Myprotein product that I have tried and I will absolutely be trying more. I have been using this in my morning breakfast shakes and the protein is awesome. The chocolate flavor is much like its name - nice and smooth! Not overpowering, chalky or fake. I love it. I have mixed it with water as well as cashew milk ( i do not personally like regular milk). What I found most interesting about this specific protein is that "Impact Whey Isolate, is made from vegetarian sweet cheese, and is the easiest and most convenient source of protein with no preparation of food needed. Most individuals will crave something sweet, like a chocolate bar or sweets, but the sweet taste of the impact whey protein will satisfy your cravings.'' I found this a very interesting concept - yet so true! when I drink one of these shakes my cravings are gone! I highly recommend this product!

Feb 6, 2017 |