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Lose Excess Water To Bring Out Muscle Definition!*

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skullz722's Rating

This has been a great product to kick start any cut I believe. It really draws out the water weight and I have noticed alot less bloat since I have been using this. Over the past month I have lost just around 9lbs. So I would say this has helped me start my cut for the summer and I have noticed some leaning out in my stomach some since it feels and looks less bloated. Workouts have been good with this product I didn't notice any change in them at all. Definitely have been in hitting the bathroom more often while taking this and when I was on the break not so much. Had to increase water intake while taking this as well. Overall a great product to kick start your cut. Would recommend for people just starting cut to give a boost.

eyeguy's Rating

This has been an effective product to help with fat loss. Noticed a big change in the first week then maintained loss during the whole time using the product. Gets rid of the bloated look and made me feel tighter in the abs.

denissdedic5's Rating

denissdedic5 did not leave a written review for this product.

CPD4life's Rating

I recieved this as a sample kit and for the few days I got to try it. I felt really good taking it. I felt that I loss some water that I was hold. I wish I had the full bottle to do a full cycle and see what would really happen. But, overall I did like this product. thanks

sliverstang01's Rating

This prdouct works pretty well. I only had a sample kit but for the few days I was taking them. I felt a great and tigher. I really want to go out a buy a full bottle to see what it can really do. But a kit, this stuff was pretty good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bigsby's Rating

This stuff works pretty good, it's about the same as any other diuretic. I did notice a decent amount of water loss, about equivilent to the water loss of a low carb diet.

DanceShay's Rating

I had never used a "water pill" before, because I thought they were ineffective. This product proved me wrong! It's amazing for reducing that bloated look, and really bringing out muscle definition. My abs felt a lot harder while taking this product. I highly recommend it to anyone competing.

1-7 of 7 Reviews