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firdauszen's Rating

Can i take 1 serving after workout?

Kasenhow's Rating

This is a great product I noticed it working within a week.

DocGochnour's Rating

I was looking for an edge in the gym, as well as hoping this would help build mass. I was taking this while I was in the most rigorous part of my schooling (meaning lack or sleep). Going to the gym three days a week and being almost on a keto diet at the time, it didn't do much for me. I followed the steps and was expecting an energy boost but all to no avail. I am almost done with school and will be back to a normal work schedule where I can get normal sleep, so I may try it in the future again. So to sum it up, if you take this make sure you are on a daily workout schedule with adequate food and sleep and no studying on the brain, it may work better for you.

actomyosinash's Rating

very cool product*

evelynromo's Rating

evelynromo did not leave a written review for this product.

Calyptic's Rating

I'm usually afraid of trying supplements like this but I gave it a shot anyways. I haven't noticed any negative effects in my mood or quality of life. I've actually only noticed positive effects, I got a good boost to my energy and feel much better. I feel stronger in the gym and have noticed muscle growth!! Not sure if it's due to the increased energy and focus its giving me in the gym or to helping my muscles recover faster!

EvanDixon83's Rating

I use Bullnox and have been trying this as an alternative. it's much cleaner and doesn't affect my moods. It's not an intense elevation, but the added energy is noticeable.

bseigal1's Rating

I have always been afraid to try a testosterone booster as I didn't think it was needed and would do more harm. This product does not contain any crazy dangerous ingredients. I have not had any negative problems and have noticed an increase in energy and pump in the gym.

Theboss123's Rating

Using this product has made me feel stronger in the gym. Getting back in has been tough, but this is giving me a good push on things

AHerrera50's Rating

This is one of the first test boosters I've used up to this point and I was glad with the results I got from it in terms of strength and recovery. I've found that while it's not a magic pill, it certainly helps me reach my fitness goals more quickly and makes sure I'm not a disadvantage hormonally. It's all herb and mineral based meaning it won't have any negative side effects; this is definitely something important to me.

deemcadoo's Rating

If anyone is looking to try an test booster, I'd definitely recommend this product. This product helps with recovery time and increases my strength. I've had no negative effects while on this product.

turner0789's Rating

I am usually a little skeptical when taking testosterone, but this product is great and I would encourage anyone that needs it or wants to start it to go with this product.

zave47's Rating

I like the fact I'm only taking two pills a day.. great recovery time and increase in strength !

Eluna456's Rating

I felt a good increase in energy throughout the day while on this testosterone supplement. I haven't experienced any negative effects while on it. I have more of a drive to go workout when taking it I don't have to find motivation to go to the gym I'm just ready to go.

walterw7's Rating

While taking this I've noticed a bit more energy throughout the day like a new base level to where I'm not drowsy throughout my job and my workout. I've also noticed some increased strength in those last few reps of a set which is nice.

wnrlvr's Rating

My husband tried this, and wasn't really optimistic about getting any results. He's 52, and did see a slight increase in his endurance. He's also more energetic and acts like he did 15 years ago, not to mention the increase in his libido. Worth the small investment.

tskains2's Rating

Just a 5 for now because I haven't been taking it for very long, but can't tell a difference. Will finish it out and hopefully this will change.

beatyrachi's Rating

I've only been taking this for 2 weeks and I have noticed an increase in energy from taking Test HD.

Seaxwulf's Rating

A Priori: Muscletech sent me a bottle as a promotion. That being said, I received a bottle of Iovate's "True Grit" booster. The formulae are comparable. I.E.: they are basically herbal, or mineral based. There is little in the realm of bizarre, laboratory experiment compounds with long acronyms that require you to cycle on and off like a crack-head. The effects are good. This product helps to regulate the hormones. For me, who works a stressful job (physically demanding) and has a pretty solid workout regimen, this is valuable. Due to the demands I put on my body, the anti-cortisol agents are great. It prevents the kind of sluggish, effeminate droop you get when you've drained yourself too much. Beyond that, I did increase a slight strength boost. I am not certain that the boost in strength gain is the compound, so much as that it allowed my body to regenerate better in order to accommodate basic strength gains. It is not a steroid, do not expect miracle gains, but it does take the edge off. If you can afford it, you can do worse - just like with multivitamins.

1-20 of 164 Reviews