MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin Reviews

20 Vitamins and Minerals with 865mg of Amino Acids to Support General Health*

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asheey's Rating

asheey did not leave a written review for this product.

BallSoHard55's Rating

Great way to get your daily vitamins. Perfect supplement for the price.

FrankParkp451p's Rating

Great way to get my vitamins in. I have been using this for a few months now and will continue to

Styven15's Rating

Amazing product taste amazing!!! Recommend doesn't give you the jitters

WillieBower's Rating

Great vitamin that doesn't have a nasty taste when I take it. Great benefits when taking it.

RodneyHayesv74's Rating

I take these multivitamins all the time and I love it. It keeps me feeling healthy and more alert, more energy then ever before. Would recommend!

jerrykrantz1's Rating

Excellent product. More energy, feel sharper and more focused. Would highly recommend this product.

SallyParsonsQ79's Rating

Felt more alert after taking these vitamins. Felt more focused as well and increased my metabolism.

Mahdiawada's Rating

Great product

HarryRoss's Rating

Awesome multivitamin. So many benefits and makes you feel healthier.

HarryBeastt's Rating

I was looking for something that would help me with being fatigue all the time and I tried this vitamin. It has helped me a lot. Great product!

Edgarv1292's Rating

Edgarv1292 did not leave a written review for this product.

DianaHenderson's Rating

Give me great energy to go throughout my days. Great product!

JessicaBlackr56's Rating

This product defiantly makes me feel I can do more in my days. I'm usually always tired until I tried this and now I feel more alive and awake.

DAiles55's Rating

DAiles55 did not leave a written review for this product.

Neilers's Rating

The muscletech Multivitamins, have to be the best MV i have tried ever, i have tried loads of MV's. It says take 3 at one go, i split the 3 tablets up throughout the day, my mood has changed and i feel more alive. Will order again, on my second tub now.

sixt3denied22's Rating

These are great vitamins. I switched from another very popular brand sold on here because they were making me have to urinate every 20 minutes which was extremely annoying. I am happy to say that these do not have that affect on me. The vitamins are of reasonable size - not overly large. Dosage is 3 a day. I take 2 with breakfast before my workout, and 1 with lunch post workout. I have great energy, no side affects, no burping or repeating vitamin taste in my mouth, as is common with other vitamins. My only complaint is that the vitamins only fill about a quarter of the container they come in. The rest of the container is empty. you could fit at least 4 containers of these into just one. so if you are buying them with a buy one get one free sale, you can definitely combine the two into one container. Will definitely be purchasing these again when i run low.

severino2g's Rating

I love the product I've never had a problem with a muscle tech product yet take my pills right after my workout will stock up once another sale comes around

Sorgedb's Rating

These were a game changer for me. Never believed in vitamins but needed something to help with fatigue, and everything else that goes with heavy workouts. If I had to cut back on supplements for some reason, this would not be it. My only multi.

1-20 of 455 Reviews