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Desaparec's Rating

A word to describe all of its aspects: excellent, and I highly recommend it! It contains everything you need after an intensive workout, and its effects are visibile after just 3-4 weeks, even if you take half a dose like me (combined with a high-protein diet, this product will last 7-8 weeks). The price is absolutely convenient, something around 20% less than other products with similar composition. The only flaws are taste and mixing: it's good, but doesn't exactly tastes like vanilla, and I personally recommend the use of a blender.

A very quality Isolate with huge amount of protein. Does what it says and taste is pretty good.

Tastes pretty **** good to me. Put in a scoop in a blender with one cup almond milk, a banana, and some ice. Tastes so good, makes you wanna slap your mama!!

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I've tried many whey protein isolates but none like the Nitro 65 Pro Series by MuscleTech and the effect it has on me after my workouts. Not only is it fast absorbing, but pure in taste and I can feel my muscles being fueled throughout the day. I drink it after my workouts and during work hours to be recharged and refreshed. I can see immediate results from taking the 65 Pro Series by MuscleTech.

The chocolate flavor tastes just like a milk shake! Rapid absorption and effective in terms of influence on the body but unfortunately it is expensive compared to other products

Awsome product! Anyone that cant get gains from this above and beyond complete protein is defenatly doing something wrong! Stacking this with P6 extreme, No3 chrome, fishoil, greentea, elderberry, l-carnitine, and multi vit. Excelent value when u calculate, gram for gram of protein, and added luecine, aginine, and bcaa's.

BlueTriangle's Rating

Taste... increible sweet!! almost impossible to take!! I tough have a lot more sugar but seems like not but still.. very sweet... Mix.. so so, specially with two scoop, so heavy.. I gain 4 pound in two weeks to use so I gonna cut from my shack.. Overall... I don't like it. It's most a protein for gainer...

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tikorockz's Rating

Really fast absorbing good recovery and a **** load of amino acids but, expensive and it goes fast

yalfailakawi's Rating

A great product with 65g Protein and 0.5g of fat! Cant find it around!

travisbuck5232's Rating

This protein powder tastes great. I've gained 5 pounds of muscle in the last two and a half weeks. Im making great workout progress. What I love about this protein powder is the high amount (65g) of protein and the low amount of fat. The triple chocolate tastes a lot better than the vanilla.

JustinTymee's Rating

This product is awesome! My girlfriend loves the A+ guys

jsanchez19226's Rating

great product 20 pounds of muscle gained in a month great results very pleased with this product recomended use right after workouts and in the morning

TannedandOile47's Rating

Tastes soooooooo good. I finally feel like Im getting all the right stuff my body needs.

armyboy72's Rating

I work out lots so I needed something that would help me recover faster. Nitro 65 is great I use it every day. Tastes good too.

1-20 of 33 Reviews