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maximumrush's Rating

This is one of the best BCAA out there in the market right now. I do not understand why not selling this anymore. My muscles are full on the next day and fast recovery from muscle soreness. I feel like I am stronger in each of my workout on the following day. Good price for everyone and excellent quality. I highly recommend this to anyone out there and push themselves to next limit.

brofessor7487's Rating

i really enjoy this product. feel great after workouts and the next day i feel no pain. it definitely pumps me up for each workout. i use this before i go to the gym. i highly recommend this product. taste is alright. it is something to get used to.

JimmySS71's Rating

Good price and dis stuff is nice. Muscles are fuller and I look better since takin it.

KramerCos's Rating

Out of all the powder BCAA's I take I like this one the most. The taste is good and price is nice. I dont think BCAA's should cost a lot. My muscles feel a lot fuller and overall I'm just stronger and healthier.

TylerYoung66's Rating

For amino acids this one is pretty good. The price is the best for everyone that is out. I know they have an "updated" one but for everything this one says it does it does. Switching from pills to powder was a good choice when it came to BCAA and this stuff actually tastes pretty good. Overall solid stuff.

KyrillusZ's Rating

took it pre and post workout. great workouts and great recovery no soreness but expensive

fery73's Rating

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atanas86's Rating

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Garmelias1's Rating

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burakoral's Rating

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BrickhouseB2's Rating

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sexpackid0x's Rating

Outstanding product, boosts recovery makes ur muscles feel fuller and look bigger! Taste is kinda weird the first time, but it grows on u! Overall a solid product give it a try

ebuMuhammed's Rating

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bibiarackal's Rating

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Tamplier's Rating

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The taste is just simply awful. I tried a lot of supplements in my life, but this one, when it comes to the taste it is really bad. when it comes to the performance and effect part, it's quite nice. I feel confident in the gym and I am motivated and strong. That's why I gave a rating of 7.

creativescott's Rating

Great Animo complex. One of the most important parts of my sup routine. I'm more of a rasp/grape guy ---so, not completely excited about fruit punch flavor. But, overall great product.

GSpotSoldier's Rating

Are you people serious, you obviously don't know the reasoning and science behind the ingredients in this product, and I don't have time to educate lames. Its an amino acid formula, that has an L-Arginine part at the normal dosage of 3grams. Which is why its recommended preworkout. For the pump effect. Depending on your L-Arginine sensitivity, it may not feel like its giving you a pump. But it is not in the realm of Preworkout Supplements that contain stimulants. You might not feel much on this supplement. But you know that you are giving your body plenty of BCAA, and at a higher dose than most brands per scoop. Wish they made a bigger container. This supplement is a top choice by me because of its ingredient profile. I can give a hell how it tastes, cause I mix one scoop in like a 1/4 cup water anyway. But reading reviews here makes me not want to live on this planet anymore. Supposed to be giving people info, but spreading misinformation. This is a great product, with a great ingredient profile

krickard21's Rating

I went through a container of this. I noticed very litte positive change and felt a little bloated. I took it before practice and it usually didn't make me feel like a pre-workout should. Didn't taste horrible.

stevedm's Rating

Good value for extra bcaa's. Taste is just ok. Reasonable serving size.

1-20 of 62 Reviews