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It just does not work, at least with me.

I was kind of skeptical with a pre-workout protein in the first place, but I trust Muscletech completely, due to I have been a dedicated user of Muscletech products since they have took over the market. So knowing the research that has been put behind this new idea, I decided to give it a try during my current off season training and supplment regimin. To put it bluntly, I am very please that I did give it a try. It has done nothing but start my workout on a high note, which continues throughout the workout. I combine a scoop of Nitro Amino FX, also by Muscletech, with my NOP47 and take it approximately an hour before actual training. I have been taking it for approximately 8 weeks now and I have been very pleased with the supplement. I have intentionally missed taking it on two occasions and saw a major let down in energy and strength. It was enough to where I won't miss it again. So, I guess to sum it up in one sentence would be "Try NOP47 for a week and I promise you will have a rough time not making it a part of your pre workout regimin in the future. I highly recommend this product to other bodybuilders out there that want a great kick in your energy and a strong boost in your Nitric Oxide levels during your workout. Veins will rip out of every part of your body.

The taste was a little too thick for me. It was hard to take down, but 25 g of protein isn't bad and low on calories.

I have never tried a pre-workout shake. The chocolate flavor tastes like chocolate milk. Just add milk, shake it up and 30 minutes later I feel my body pump up and ready for a strenuous workout. Thank you Muscletech and continue to make good products.

I got a free bottle with each Muscletech purchase, and that is the only reason I tried it. I have went through 6 containers of this and I can honestly say I would never pay more than $20, although it sells for over $40! Lots of aminos and matrices, but tastes terrible. I use it pre-workout to start protein synthesis. If it isn't free, don't buy it.

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I believe a product should be mainly reviewed on performance. I am not a 3 year old girl so if something tastes bad but works I won't complain. Understand this product is a pre-workout protein and not meant to be replaced by an energy pre workout supplement like jacked or a post-workout protein like Nitrotech. What this will do is build muscles quicker if used correctly by sandwiching protein. Bottom line is if you can afford an additional supplement and taste is not a huge factor then try check this out.

It's amazing that this can have a 8 rating? Absolutely the worst tasting protein/NO I ever tasted! I mean its like medicine--nasty medicine! It should not be for sale! Don't buy it no rating "0"

not only does this taste a little bit like my own ballsack with fruit punch poured on top, but it does not disolve well in water, no matter how much water you add or how much you shake there is always these little clumps of nasty. the product works well but i dont drink it unless i've forgotten my snacks for the day (i keep the jug in my desk drawer).

This is one of the worst pre-workouts I have ever used. Did not feel much of a rush off of this drink and was glad I received it free with any muscletech purchase. If I had paid for would have been very disappointing. After reading to stack this with jack3d I must say it did do something extra but no where near worth justifying the price. Bottomline: Your money can be spent much better elsewhere.

Value=10. Got it for free with my MuscleTech package of Nitrotech Hardcore, NaNOVapor, CellTech, and something else. SO got it for free, but I would not spend the full price on this. Taste is alright, but nothing special. Expected better taste for being a fruit punch flavor. When I felt it, it felt very light, i opened it and realized why: The container is filled to NOT even half full. They have 1.6 lbs of it and they waste so much space by placing it in such a huge container for such little amt in it. They need to do what they do for their newer stuff by making a smaller container so you don't f' over your customers. You get 16 servings of protein (fruit punch flavor) so that is why I would NEVER spend the full $40 on this, I bought it at GNC, but still 16 servings for $40 for a protein that is OK and nothing so special. It does work semi well during workouts, but I'd rather try the Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex or Hydro Whey than this stuff. I am not finished with this b/c I have 4 different proteins: Pro Complex, NitroTech Hardcore, NOP-47, and Ultimate Nutrition's Protein Isolate. But of these 4 this is the 3rd out of 4 for working out. But think about price per serving and this is at $2.50 per serving (at normal price) and Pro Complex was at around $1 per serving b/c I got it on sale at GNC for $56 and I use 1 scoop per serving (56 servings). GO WITH SOMETHING ELSE, unless you are really rich and aren't getting it for free. But if it is an added supplement for free (like me) then go for it.

I agree with the last post. The only good thing about this product is that it was free with a purchase of any MuscleTech items and that it has 26 g of protein. I also agree with the lack of boost that this pre-work out protein shake has. After taking the USP labs Jack3d, this pre- workout is a joke… it does not boost me up or does anything. I’m 205lbs 6'2 tall… I don’t know if I need more power to stimulate me because of my size or this product it’s another filling to extent the marketing size of MuscleTech.

Taste wasnt very good nowhere near the worst i have ever had but i never look foward to drinking it. I really dont see a difference in my workout from taking this and taking a regular whey protein shake before my workout. Theres no pump at all i just feel like its more protein at the end of the day

Taste good and have been seeing some pretty decent changes during my workouts

the only good thing about this product is that is was free from gnc with a muscle tech product...besides the fact that it has 25 grams of protein and 18 grams of carbs ..there is no pump from this product at all the only pump i get it from my natural workout...the taste it not bad deff drinkable..i give this a 6 bc it has no pump affects if it's going to be a pre workout supp then it should have good pump..

I got this pre workout protein free at GNC while purchasing Cell-Tech hardcore and now I know why, I swear I can eat anything but this stuff is so sweet and nasty I can't even use half a scoop in my oatmeal this morning, it might work for some people but not for me, the taste is unbearable, i'm glad it was free!

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Not bad at all. Could definitely feel better pumps. Taste wasn't too bad either. My full review at

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