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Supports Energy, Focus, Muscle, Pump, and Strength*

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Dusty188's Rating

I'm a pre workout junkie so I'm always looking for a pre to better boost me for my early morning workouts. Unfortunately it was not this one. I got it on sale though so it wasn't too much of a loss. My first workout with this I took just one scoop and was barely able to power through my workout. Since then I've been having to take 2-2.5 scoops of this so I have the momentum and intensity to power through my workouts. Theres roughly 50-some servings in the container so paying only $20 for the tub wasn't bad but there are defiantly much better quality pre workouts on the market.

daricha88's Rating

Only buy this stuff if you feel like lifting ridiculous amounts of weight. So heavy I needed wrists straps but I don't have wrist straps, so I lifted it anyway.

thileo's Rating

melhor opção dentre os pré treinos concentrados. boa energia e força durante o treino. recomendo. sempre compro.

InsaneRipped's Rating

Insane !!!! Start this Week And really Pump me up!!!! Works On me !!

canedr's Rating

Good !

sddeath's Rating

First things first, the effect: I can tell that it makes me more focused on the workout, but without getting too overexcited or crazy - just very decent grip and concentration plus some additional endurance. Well, and I do not experience any of backlash afterwards - like no down mood and no sleep problems (though I workout early in the morning and it might be very subjective) And it easily dissolves in water, makes no foam (yes, BSN Xplode, I point at you :) ). The only con I see it is kinda pricey compared to the competitors, but as for me so far it is totally worth its price.

necator77's Rating

necator77 did not leave a written review for this product.

Ruman17's Rating

It worked really well for a few weeks but then I built up a tolerance pretty quick. My recommendation is to use it until three scoops isn't enough and then either take a few months off, or switch to a non beta-alanine preworkout until that runs its course.

spacejim67's Rating

I do get a rush if not used every day. Since I rotate them it works really good. No medicine taste and easy on my stomach!

ericblankenship's Rating

This pre wokout comes in 2nd for me. Long-lasting effects, price is good, flavor is amazing

isiddall's Rating

This stuff was alright, gave me more energy for most of my workout and an ok pump, but also made me jittery, didn't finish the tub.

przemekbrzydal's Rating

przemekbrzydal did not leave a written review for this product.

shawnt144's Rating

They didn't have the fruit punch in the dropdown but that is the one I tried. It taste a little like cough syrup. The product didn't help much with my workout. I usually try multiple times but I think this made me nauseous that day and a couple days after.

seanyamamoto's Rating

Not a very good preworkout. Not enough of any of the ingredients. Only upside to neurocore is its taste which is pretty decent.

alfredor12's Rating

one of the best pre-workouts I've had.

jcassidy3's Rating

I have used dozens of pre workouts, this one is the best.

goalie5's Rating

This stuff really works. I love taking it because I get focused and it lasts a long time. I wouldn't take this before late workouts though because it is hard to sleep with after taking.

pavelbuka's Rating

pavelbuka did not leave a written review for this product.

seth12345's Rating

very good product, good pump which lasts, lots of focus

Dimitrisnik7's Rating

not so great and long pumbs like nano vapor but very good energy and focus..very good price+

1-20 of 1,444 Reviews