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Provides Superior Muscle Pumps, Faster Muscle Growth, and First Dose Strength Gains*

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Curl Master's Rating

Was expecting strong flavoring when I first tasted the blue rasberry flavor but is was not too strong or too weak of a flavor. Much improved taste over original version I tried years ago. Mixed up easily with little or no residue on bottom of cup. Started off with 1.5 scoops since I did not want my caffeine intake to get to high. My strength-endurance was noticeably improved. Noticed no drop offs but a consistent supply of energy. Noticed a mild pump from the Citrulline malate. Appreciated the improvement in focus after not taking a pre for a while. For those who used to high stim would require 3 scoops for 400mg. Only draw back for those with high stim tolerance is it would last just under two weeks for a tub.

decoy713's Rating

I ordered this last week and started taking it few days after. I tell you this product really gets you going when you are hitting those weights! No joke. I noticed extra reps in my sets as well as that mental focus to keep pushing a little harder. The ones who say they don't feel anything when taking this must be on some stronger ish than this because this is really not a run off the mill pump. Definitely recommend for those who want that extra pump and those few extra reps.

zackd24's Rating

The taste was good. It did not give me any kind of pump and it is super expensive. The only reason why I tried it is because I got it for free. Don't waste your money.

KWRock's Rating

Nano Vapor isn't really a great pre for me. I guess I'm used to a huge amount of caffeine, but I had to take over 3 scoops to even have a good workout. I ended up giving my buddy the rest of it and he loves it because he's sensitive to a lot of caffeine. I won't be buying this again. If I were to go with another Muscletech pre workout, i will try Anarchy or the Black Onyx Shatter I keep hearing about.

achilies79's Rating

Disappointed! I'm generally a big fan of Muscletech products despite them being a bit pricey, but I was seriously disappointed with this product/flavour. I usually use NO xplode but as a change I thought I might try Nano vapor, to be fair I'm not comparing it to other pre-workouts, why I didn't like it is simple: 1- the Orange flavour tastes horrible & it dyed all my shakers yellow! 2- the product doesn't mix well with water 3- the sort of buzz that you get 30 mins after you take it (1 scoop) is a bit average, provided that just 1 scoop from other pre-workouts would do the job for me. Would not buy it again.

stev0n's Rating

Flavor is great, one of the best tasting pwo's I've ever had honestly. Mixes easily. Its really potent! Has given me crazy energy & endurance, also keeps me really focused during my workouts. If I take 1 scoop at 6pm, I'm still wide awake at my bedtime of 11pm. I had to start going to the gym earlier in the day while taking it. lol

EthanHun's Rating

I really enjoyed the Blue Razz by MT- Nano Vapor. It was the best tasting preworkout I have ever tasted. I found my perfect dosage at 2 scoops with 260 mg of caffeine. This provided me with plenty of energy to complete my 1.5hour workout. The pumps were pretty good overall, I'v had better. I felt stronger and was able to complete my cardio with a smile on my face. Overall, this is one my favorite preworkouts right now. The taste is amazing and the effectiveness is really good. I'd say the only downside is the need for 2-3 sccops.

LpArtiss's Rating

I'm a stim junkie, I didn't feel this PWO so much

jwpjones's Rating

I had the Blue Raspberry flavor. It wasn't my favorite tasting blue raspberry pre I have had but it was good. Mixes good with minimal foam but left some debris on the bottom so I give it an extra shake once I get towards the bottom and finish it off. Depending on your tolerance you can use 1-3 scoops per serving but I suggest adding a bit more water as I think it has a strong taste to it. 1-2 scoops didn't do it for me but 3 knocked it out of the ballpark performance wise. Felt no major tingling in my body with first 2 scoops but did with 3. It provided great energy and focus throughout my 1 hour plus workouts and I felt a bit stronger as well. Was able to push out more reps and/or weight on some exercises. I definitely sweat a lot more during my workouts with this pre so I obviously was pushing harder. Overall I rate this 9/10

blokpost's Rating

I've tried 2 flavors of this supp. Fruit punch was like any other fruit punch, not tasty, slight aftertaste. Blue raspberry was awesome. Mixbaility great, just some residues. Energy & focus were great at 2 scoops, but not one. Same with pumps. Overall it's a pretty nice pre.

AnimalStrength's Rating

Let’s starts off with the Mix ability it is good very smooth tasting. Great tasting flavor color is amazing as well no after taste when taking Nano Vapor. Perfect scoop size to water ratio surprising light Taste as well not like other pwo that taste like they have a lot of sugar. Good clean energy no sudden rush of energy and no BA tingles like other pre workouts. It has that same Nano vapor taste from years ago to me.Good energy and creeps up I like that some pwo suddenly just hit you.This product gave me a solid amount of energy mixed in with a solid pump and had me focused also was in a good mood while training heavy. I felt my stamina and strength increase while taking this.

MPLJR1222's Rating

Very awesome pre workout! One of the better pre workouts I've gotten to try. Nano Vapor has a great list of high quality ingredients, including 8g of L-Citrulline, 3.2 g of beta alanine, almost 400g of caffeine and 5g of creatine! I got really nice energy and focus, and some nice pumps as well. I would say the best feature of Nano vapor was the energy, it kept me going throughout my workouts! The mixability was great, there were no problems with mixing with water. The blue raspberry flavor was also amazing, it was the perfect balance between tart and sweet. Overall, a great pre workout!

EzeAris's Rating

This is the best pre-workout EVER, and after trying it during the Shorcut to Size routine it'll become my favourite one. Not only has a great formula (no propietary blends!) but it really gives me great energy and the pumps are insane. Believe me, of the ones that are still available, I've tried C4, Nano Vapor and Hemo Rage, but nothing compares to this one. The taste is also pretty good for a pre-workout, and it mixes great. 10/10. Drink with cold water.

slavandr's Rating

The best pre-workout I ever had... and I tried a lot of them already. Actually, I never even tried 3 scoops because I get a great pump and amazing feeling even from two. The only negative for me is high price. I actually bought it from my friend which is pretty sensitive to caffeine and it was just too strong for him. If you have money go for it!

DTR87's Rating

mixes and taste very good and works to at that well done Muscletech....

Paledog326's Rating

Overall a pretty good product. I have used quite a few pre-workouts over the years, some good, some not so good. I wasn't bouncing around like a super ball on it, but it did give me a nice clean boost. As such it did what it claims to do. I did get the itchy feeling in my hands and arms, but nowhere near as bad as other products I have used that gave me a very intense itchiness all over my entire body, so Vapor did well there. The cost was pretty reasonable, and the taste wasn't great, but its pretty decent. I would recommend this to friends and training partners.

Bigshep87's Rating

10 out of 10. Simple as that. This stuff gives me a nice kick in the *** to really kill my workouts. Nice pumps and everything. The blue raspberry tastes amazing, too. I like how it has Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine, and Creatine in it. That's a negative for some people, but containing all three is a huge positive to me. It also has some caffeine which is also a plus for me.

telford786's Rating

This is a super pre-workout that gave me excellent muscle pumps and i felt alert and focused in the gym, its a great product and really helped me to get moving in the gym.

Tscrowell's Rating

Trusted brand - one of the best pre-workouts in the game. NANO Vapor is a completely balanced pre-workout in my eyes. Good dosage of citruline, quercetin for a killer pump and the solid dose of caffeine and L-theanine keeps me focused and strong until I'm done my workout. I even like to take have a scoop before my cardio because of its yohimbe content. Finally, you do not get that stimulant crash you get in many pre-workouts on the market. Its really contributed to me being able to consistently push myself hard - great product

yoojungl's Rating

I absolutely loved this product as it had the right dosage of creatine with 2 scoops (my sweet spot) as well as Beta-Alanine, Betaine, Citrulline, and the infamous Yohimbe. All in all great product to have an incredible energy boost!

1-20 of 929 Reviews