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Super-Concentrated Post-Workout Growth Accelerator!*

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spiritall's Rating

Very great product and greate taste! I use it with creacore for a bettewr recovery. Immediatly after my workout i take 1scoop of creacore then 30min later 1scoop of myobuild. I would like they add more flavor but i recommand it!

tammelinb's Rating

Amazing product. I like how it doesn't make me feel bloated, like other products do. I do wish there were more flavors to choose from...fruit punch, lime, or orange

dslxic's Rating

Another great product from MuscleTech. I've started using this a only because I was waiting for JYM post-jym to come out. It's a good product but lacks a few key ingredients and amino acids. Still, for those looking for a nice post workout, give this a try.

akeedthe's Rating

wish some beta alanine was added as well. other than that has everything i need

ScorpIan24's Rating

I have never tried a MuscleTech product that I didnt like, and this one is on the same page. Great for recovery and building lean mass. It has a good balance of creatine and aminos to help throughout post-workout time periods. The only thing that stinks is the price, but one jar does last a while even if you are doing 2 scoops instead of one. Yes, the taste is not good, but that goes for a lot of things that are good for you. I dont like the taste of celery, but if I'm eating soup or food with it in it, I suck it up and down it. If you cant stomach the fact that some great products arent going to taste good, then pick a different sport. Back in the day, bodybuilders would drink blood. Point being, man up or pick a different supplement if you cant get over a taste issue.

malindup's Rating

I used this product in two different phases. It works perfect with combination of a casein protein. Had hard gains in the first phase. Only downside is it gave me erectile problems in some instances. ( I cannot be sure if its this product), so I stopped taking myo and just stick to proteins, everything is fine now.

ckgyan's Rating

My body tells the story... every striation that has emerged is due to consistent use of this product for a month... I am a hardgainer, but the lean muscle that i have gained was only observed after adding Myobuild to my supplement lineup.

AHAM769's Rating

I guess it's the Rhodiola in it that get me the overall good feeling. I've taken Rhodiola before and its usually expensive but packing it in with this stuff makes it a good buy. Recovery is good with this. Only downside is it get clumpy pretty easy.

JohnyW8Lifter's Rating

Pretty strong taste. This was a good variance for me becuase I was getting sick of protein powders. While I switched to this I noticed no drop in gains (but no HUGE progress either) The creatine in it did allow me to feel more full. I enjoyed it.

debs1's Rating

I take this half way during my workout. Say if im doing chest and triceps. When i finish my last set of chest, before i move onto triceps, ill down a serving of this so that im getting nutrition to the worked out muscles instantly.

DrizzyTre's Rating

Pretty concentrated stuff. Taste is a little to strong for me but it def packs some punch cause I've got a little more size on my biceps. Been focusin on the shoulders but can notice my biceps growing. Recovery is quicker but I havent gained really any strength yet but it should come with a few more weeks. Enjoyed it and happy with my purchase.

KramerCos's Rating

Taste is strong. I recovered a lot better and this didnt fill me up like normal protein does. I don't know my exact numbers but I did continue to put on size while taking this.

nikkibee2100's Rating

I take this post workout for recovery and I really love it! It has improved my muscle recovery and over the past month I have noticed a difference in how sore my body is post workout as well as I have noticed an increase in strength as well as muscle mass. I highly recommend this I even take it on my days off sometimes just because of how much I love it!

boyden2013's Rating

well working recovery product. mix it up with cell tech and myobuild. one week myobuild, the other cell tech. can't choose, so i stick to both. sometimes it helps me recovery from intense sport activities quicker hadn't used it long enough yet to fully judge. for now, it's been good though

yuossef's Rating

yuossef did not leave a written review for this product.

derekaryan's Rating

AWESOME!!! complete body change...great strength gains

KyrillusZ's Rating

did not do anything for me

AlvaroSalvador's Rating

It's a great product, i feel the recovery after taking Myobuild.

scootybooty's Rating

scootybooty did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 92 Reviews