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I've been taking it for 3 weeks and I think that it helped me a lot to loose wait. Very good product for me :))

waste of money. Will throw the remaining 100 more pills away. Consider 300mg more caffeine in 2 pills, which is the only useful content. If you take 6 pills a day as instructed, you have about 1g of pure caffeine. Looks like doping to me.

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i managed to loose 6 kilos in 4 weeks, although i was doing lots of cardio and eating healthy, but it certainly helped.

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good product. I lost weight without exercise and diet without changing mu diet. the downside is that it gives me a headache as the first 3 days then not possible headaches down and you get used to.

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i lost 30 lbs. thank you hydroxycut

very very good!!! lost 9kg in 2 months!

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Well I took this for about a month and I honestly didnt feel any "extra" energy like everyone claims. I actually just drank a cup of coffee and took the first dose of my 2nd time taking this like an hour ago and I barely feel any "extra" energy than I usually would. BUT, I do feel hot all day when taking this and I do feel like I have more stamina in the gym. So maybe its a time released formula or something? IDK.

I'm on day 4, and my gut is already shrinking! The energy and focus are great as well.

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This 30 servings actually surprised me. The dose (day 3 and beyond) 2 pills 3 times daily was too much for me (it's beyond hardcore for me), i took 1 pill 2 times daily instead (1 morning 1 during the day), and guess what? It made me ridiculously hungry all day long when taking it. I got ripped faster than I thought (I thought it would take longer to see results). You it's so hardcore that you can hear your stomach roaring all day long. That's hardcore fat 'extermination' (instead of using 'burning').

This product does work, but you could take caffeine pills for the exact same results and pay 1/10th of the price.

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This is a very good product, delivered with an excellent service! Thanks!

This stuff works!!!!

I have used this product many times and have never been disappointed in the end results. I personally notice more energy, less appetite and higher level of focus. I will continue to use the product anytime I go on a cut diet. Remember the pills aren't magic. You still have to be in a calorie deficit. These just make that journey a little easier to cope with.

1-20 of 158 Reviews