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Increases Strength & Energy For Greater Workout Intensity!*

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RSV2's Rating

This product does what it states, great pump and a awesome strength builder. Will buy this product again and again.

DanHarting23's Rating

DanHarting23 did not leave a written review for this product.

zerofat1234's Rating

zerofat1234 did not leave a written review for this product.

TylerYoung66's Rating

I didnt think it would help with energy as I was coming off a fat burner but it actually didnt do to bad. I kept my routine the same and i still got good results even though I switched up my supps and added this. Gains were there and strength actually increased more than size.


I've used Gakic since it came out in 06. Its great. Its not like normal pre-workouts where you feel the shaking but you can tell the difference once you've been on it for a while. You can take a set to failure then come back to the following set like you never did the first one. Its up to the individual but I take this along with Jack3d LOL. I cut from 8 pills to 4 and one scoop of jack. I often get told its time to come home from the gym by my wife. I love this stuff.

Brianoc93's Rating

Definitley one of the best pre-workouts i've used! I wouldn't take this though if your not serious about the gym..its potent! today was my first day using it and i did half the recommended dose like it says to do and i was blown away and how effective this stuff is, had a ton of energy throughout my entire workout, awesome product can't wait to see how its the next few weeks!

Calibody's Rating

I was really skeptical about this product. And, I mean super skeptical. My friends all used it and said it made a huge difference. Well, I was wrong. I am on my first bottle, and I notice a big jump in my endurance and in my strength already. I also see body fat dropping and more vascularity. Pretty much hate taking so many big capsules, but have to admit the results in 1 month have been big. Pushed me past a plateau so I think worth it for when you want to move up.

sampalios's Rating

overpriced caffeine and arginine! by allmax caffeine 100caps at 200mg for $3 and buy yourself some arginine caps for $10. same ****. still either way you look at it, its still a ****ty preworkout. save your money for something that actually works, such as gaspari superpump max, cellucor M5, shock therapy from universal or optimum nutrition's Pre

Vugar's Rating

Definitely liked this product. Did increase my results. I take this product only on chest days once a week in order not to get used to it and works absolutely fantastic. Combining this product with NanoVapor gives fabulous results. Unfortunately this product is little bit overpriced.

BeauHaywood's Rating

Excellent Product which helps blast through the fatigue barrier, would love to see a Gakic Performance Series released

massiv1968's Rating

Can't pin point exactly what it is, but I strongly recommend using Gakic pre-workout. It gives me very strong focus and intensity during all phases of my workouts. I have used Gakic since it came out and I will always have it added to my arsenal.

tha shredda's Rating

tha shredda did not leave a written review for this product.

doplomasi's Rating

very good

dwyoung01's Rating

I have tried other pre-workout supplements but keep coming back to this one. Does a great job, but... One Issue: "Proprietary Formula" You never see this on a label in the grocery store or Pharmacy? I have an issue with not knowing what you are putting into your body? Fess up,this policy just screams for regulation.

Gsjj87's Rating

The most powerful pre-workout energy I have tried. I can workout in 3 hours with much less rest than when I am using other this kind of products. I totally recommend this product to everyone who wants to get stronger!

tbender7's Rating

i used to do nano x9 b4 when it was good then it just sucked i wasnt able to lift for long and my pumps where slowing down so then i tried gakic the best pre-worlout out right now do not believe in musclepharms Assault it just sucks. with gakic i dont get burning itchy skin and it makes me a total beast in the gym. the only reason i got assault was because its cheaper and the servings last longer n there was really good reviews but figured out the reviews r total bs. im going back on gakic even though theres not a lot o servings and the price is a lil high. i take this with leukic and creakic as well which makes the ultimate stack.

Bigjoefupa's Rating

I used this product back in college when it first came as a powder. It tasted HORRIBLE with just water alone BUT it proved it's endurance potential on the track remarkably. Now with the tablets there's no taste and in the gym is is remarkable once more. I never had to use the prescribed 8 tablets, i always stuck to 4 or 5 since there was no need to use anymore. I was able to increase my strength each week with all of my lifts and always able to push through on the last set. I recommend this to anyone wanting to beat muscle fatigue

motofreek124's Rating

well, first does out of the way.. and let me tell you, they werent kidding about improving stregnth!! it made me wanna stay in the gym longer just to keep pushing myself! we'll see about the next couple doses add up though.. never know these days. but after today, looking forward to the next!! its a little unfair to rate it after one use.. but im honestly very surprised on the outcome compared to others ive tried, so ill give it a solid 8/10! firts impressions are key ;] good job muscle tech

Mucalcar's Rating

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