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Improved Uptake to Increase Muscle Growth and Strength*

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COWPENS2012's Rating

COWPENS2012 did not leave a written review for this product.

joshsmiley's Rating

I have been using this for a few weeks now I can notice difference in my strength and aggressiveness while lifting.also helps me recover faster.looking foward to see what the next few weeks the strong sweet taste of this product aswell

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sgim43's Rating

Worst tasting product I've had in many years. My brother and I both started it and he wouldn't continue past the first dose. I tried doing everything from making a shot of it with a quick chaser to extra water. I'm blown away by these ratings. Why and how this has a 9.1 rating is absurd. Creatine products are by far the most I've had experience with, being on and off them starting 17 years ago an I can't remember one this bad. This is disgustingly sweet and nasty. It should be criminal the amount of splenda they put in here, one serving would be too much to sweeten a gallon let alone5 ounces. idiots.

lafuya88's Rating

lafuya88 did not leave a written review for this product.

robsweeney's Rating

Love this product! The sour apple tastes amazing. It has now become a staple in supplements I take.

dtoinc's Rating

Wicked pump with this stuff. Easily allows me the extra reps I need when otherwise I would be fatigued. Tastes great and dissolves easily. Love the orange. Will buy again.

joserb6's Rating

One of the best creatines hands down, started seeing results in as little as two weeks, bench press went up 15lbs and muscle pumps are great, will definitely recommend to all my friends and family!

FindingFlawless's Rating

I love this stuff gets me through long days at work helps me recover fast

ViktorUzunov's Rating

Probably the best creatine class supplement I have used. Tastes amazing so I usually have it with my post workout meal in a 24 Oz filled up shaker (I just prefer my 2 scoops post workout). It literally tastes like Gatorade or some other refreshing drink, but only have it with cold water, makes the taste 10 times better. I didn't have any water retention or at least nothing noticeable and I normally get a bit bloated when I use creatine. Increase in strength was also a noticeable one so I highly recommend using this product.

GatorGoku's Rating

Good creatine product. Sour apple was really good. Did not get any bloating. Really pleased

garibay1986's Rating

garibay1986 did not leave a written review for this product.

DMarcoot's Rating

Tastes fine for creatine. The concentrated formula minimizes the amount that you have to take which is great. I've been taking for two weeks and can tell a noticeable difference in my bulk and strength. Great creatine product.

Giodank's Rating

Giodank did not leave a written review for this product.

mick81989's Rating

This is an exceptional formula for fitness folks who really want to see a change in both their physique and their life.

mitchillsley's Rating

great testing mixes well most importantly it works ive seen nice gains after 3 weeks of using this product

Laurenkorb's Rating

great flavor

mtmihail001's Rating

I lived the orange fusion but not the fruit punch that much

TransRapid's Rating

TransRapid did not leave a written review for this product.

ivang624's Rating

wow... lot of energy! Feel good.

1-20 of 602 Reviews