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An Advanced Liquid Capsule to Build Muscle and Strength*

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Cbtorrez's Rating

MuscleTech is number 1 for a reason and that is because all their supplements work and they are legit. MuscleTech Clear Muscle really allowed me to pack on lean muscle/mass. I stacked this supplement with creatine, protein and BCAA's and I must say I could really notice the difference once I started MuscleTech Clear Muscle. Being super into weightlifting and being an overall active adult, this supplement really did reduce my overall muscle soreness, allowed to increase my strength and it allowed me to pack on lean muscle without losing strength. I went from 190 pounds with 14% body fat to 206 pounds with 10% body fat within two cycles of using this stuff. It is not a magic pill but with hard work, it can definitely help you in achieving your goals.

Dec 6, 2017 |