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love this stuff. I've used a few different times and always have good muscle gains in both size and strength. I drink immediately after my workout. Replenishes my body with great carb source and of course creatine.

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Ramathorn178's Rating

Good taste, good mixability (although it does foam a bit and gives a bit of a bloat feel), great on the actual product itself though. I have been on the product for roughly a week now and one gripe i do have about it is that i get a really bad headache during my lifts. To the point where i almost have to stop my rep, this may be an isolated incident to just me but, it is something that i have noticed and has never been an issue with any other similar related products that i have taken. Due to the fact that i do get these headaches with the product i will not be purchasing again.

My favorite creatine product. WAY better than a generic creatine. Recovery is faster, injuries are fewer, and I am just stronger and bigger when I use this product.

Basic_wonder's Rating

I received a free sample of this and was surprised on how well it worked. Taste: The taste was good but the texture was not my favorite. It was kind of like drinking a fruit punch syrup, i tried to dilute it but could not get it to be perfect. I was still able to finish it. 6/10 Mixability: Using a blender ball it mixed pretty well. There were still some chunks in there. 8/10 Contents: This had a very strong profile. Consisting of a good 140 calories and only 15 grams of sugar. It had a total of 5g of creatine. I wish there was a little less creatine but it seems everyone is putting it in their products now. It was a good source of amino acids and bcaas. 9/10 Stomach: I drank this after my postworkout meal due to thinking it was another pouch of Nitro-Tech, due to this the slight discomfort was probably due to that. 9/10 Overall: If i could fix the texture this would be a great product to use. The fruit punch flavor was good and it had all the additives I would want in a product like this. With only having one pouch i cannot comment on how well this works over time. I might just have to buy some and update this review. 8

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I was sent a sample of the new formula from Muscletech and I am comparing my use to a standard unflavored creatine monohydrate. Typically I've used creatine post workout in my protein shakes and I like the option of being able to mix it with whatever drink I choose. This product however is a very convenient option for those who won't likely have time to eat immediately post workout. It has 7g of creatine per serving and 15g of sugars, which aid in the absorption of creatine post workout. It also is a 180 cal drink which will help to hold you over a bit if you are unable to eat post workout. This is a product I would consider using in those situations, but if able to eat I personally would use a standard unflavored powder.

I received a sample of the newest version of MuscleTech's Cell-Tech Performance Series in the Fruit Punch flavor. This is an incredible supplement for post-workout as the ingredient profile is perfect for my goals. 38 grams of carbs per scoop, 3.5 grams of creatine monohydrate, 1.5 grams of creatine HCl, BCAA's......all ingredients I would typically put in my post-workout shake myself. Really helped me to recover from a hard leg session in the gym. Highly recommended!

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A lot of people hate on this supplement claiming how bloated it made them, and how it was mostly just sugar and fillers. However, I still tried the product and gained 11 lbs in three weeks to put me up to 215, I hurt my neck and lost most of the weight I'd gained from not working out but this is definitely a great product that helps to build muscle and gain weight. The taste is pretty good and cant complain because of the results but it could be better I guess. Overall though very satisfied with it!

PureAtheart's Rating

Lots of calories and sugar per day upon analyzing the ingredients. BUT if you are looking to gain some size and strength VERY quick this will do it.

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erascon78's Rating

One of my favorite supplements. Breaks down very well when mixing and taste great. Have tried other products but this one has shown me great results.

Rob Terry's Rating

 To make this plain and simple Cell Tech Hardcore Pro Series combined with My Build = Massive Results. I have been implementing Cell Tech into my supplement plan since I first started using supplement nutrition. Cell Tech is one of the only products that I can see 8lbs of lean muscle and 10-20lbs difference on all major lifts while on Cell Tech.  My opinion for any hard gainer looking to put on good size and strength is Cell Tech combined with Myo Build, followed up with a class protein powder like Nitro Tech hard core or Nitro Isolate 65. 

I currently use this as part of a 2:1 carb/protein recovery drink. It works perfect with mm25. Im trying to drop weight so I only take it 3x a week but I use to take it about a year ago everyday as instructed on the container and put on at least a pound of muscle a week. Im sure people have had better results, but 10 pounds a week is just ridiculous.. unless your weighing yourself with a container and a half in your arms. But seriously, this I a good product and I am very satisfied with it. The only negative is that its too sweet to chug after a workout.. but I know the sugar is used for the insulin spike to deliver the creatine.. And just my opinion.. I do feel like the creatine in this is more pure and soluble that regular mono creatine

ashort0038's Rating

With this product i am building muscle faster than i ever have. Took me from the 6th grade to the 12th grade to reach 360 lbs. on Bench Press. I took two years off from working out and i started back using this supplement and Nitro Tech. In 6 months time i have broke 400 lbs. on bench press.

vwrace2002's Rating

Great creatine that gives you that energy you are looking for. Dramatic changes in the first week and then after that. Besides, you look pump all the time. Every single time I have used this creatine, I am a happy camper. Muscletech delivers with this product.

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