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It has a great taste I like this product all-in-all great would recommend

I like all the ingredients in this product, but the flavor is terrible in my opinion. This is coming from someone who can drink any wheat grass, algae, chlorella lawn clippings out there. take blue raspberry which is gross to begin with and add a menthol coolness. What am I 7 years old? I don't need gumdrop, wild pixie, flavored drinks. They do realize that this stuff is for adults right? Great ingredients though muscletech...Do Better!

Had the fruit punch flavour, took a couple of times using the drink to get used to the flavour but once i did it was a very effective post workout gained around 4 kgs after one container.

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the best recovery, results & taste

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helps improve strength and size and taste great. has alot of active ingredients the only con would be the price for how long it lasts

This is my first review but I have been taking this product for about 2 weeks. My bench went up 5 pounds in the first week and it is working great. Also with its ingredient of L-Carnatine I have lost 5 pounds in this past 2 weeks. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to add muscle really quick.

The product was good. but the mixability was always hit or miss. I would get the WORST mix ever some times, then others it would blend perfectly. I also didnt like how it didnt say the amount of creatine in it. It worked well in mass gains but only a little bit of Strength that might have had come just from training.

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One of the best tastes supplements and quite cold & refreshing on every sip. I have seen increase in my strength & lifts. No headaches or dizziness, quick recovery for next day gym would definitely recommend for people looking for reducing fats without using heavy supplements.

I have heard many people saying this product sucks or whatever. But it's the best product I have ever tried. In regard to get the results you need to reduce the amount of calories and fat (healthy food). It helps me losing the layers of fat on my muscles because it stimulates growth hormone. IT'S WORTH IT.

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taste is good, sends chills through your body while drinking it! been on it for a few weeks starting off with 1 scoop and slowly working up to 3 scoops. I've seen muscle mass incrase and helping me burn fat like crazy(also on a fat burner) My lifts are constantly going up in weight while my bodyfat and weight is going down. I'm starting to look like a bodybuilder and getting noticed in the gym!

Definitely a hard hitting post-workout supplement, easy mixing and great tastes. noticed an exception gain in strength and size in a matter of weeks, all in all the best formula for testosterone and strength increase.

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