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poncerenegades's Rating

I've been using this product and I have seen the difference. I'm 39 and I play football and I seen the changes in my stamina. Would love to get more and I would recommend it.

dlraro's Rating

the only reason i gave a 9 out of 10 is because i dont find how to cycle it. but I feel really glad i had bought this product. it does what it says.

KramerCos's Rating

I used up my last bottle of this stuff this weekend. My entire time taking it (8 months on and off) I had tremendous results. My strength went up and with more strength usually comes more size. I went from a large shirt to XL becuase my arms got bigger. I'm gonna try their new stuff but this kicks ***.

TylerYoung66's Rating

I know they have a new Test coming out but I still use this stuff as I feel it does what I need it to. only 4 pills a day for me and it lasts a good amount of time for the price. It's good in its results from other test boosts I've tried. Going on another round as I just ordered it. Thought I'd leave a review since I've used it so much before. Solid stuff.

sham5248's Rating

great product, 1/2 serving a day; i was less sore, so i could do more at the gym, and get the most out of my work outs. in 2 months bench went up to 300 from 260. military press went from 180 to 220. took with it nitro core24 protien, muscle juice for calories and carbs, prework out c4. i never take the recommended dosages. all ways half or 1 one or 2x a day. product pending

Kerss47's Rating

minimal gains and gave me headaches every time id take it... no extra pump or performance during a workout...

cmurrey's Rating

I wasn't happy with the results of Alpha Test. No negative effects/reactions. I didn't really notice a difference that much. I really liked CryoTest and wish they would bring it back. CryoTest worked! Now I'm searching for another effective test product. Let me know if you guys know of a great test booster.

pattersonkane's Rating

Great product! Stack with myobuild and see numbers go up on bench from 305-325.. Had better drive and energy at the gym. Felt more motivated.

EddyG's Rating

This is the first testosterone enhancer I have tried. I used this supplement for the last 3 months and have found that it has made no improvement in my free testosterone levels. I had my testosterone levels checked before I started this supplement and then after the three months of taking it following the instructions. There was no improvement or raising of the levels.

GuinnessForStre's Rating

At first I did not think that this was doing anything for me. However, after taking this for the last few weeks I feel like this has improved my motivation and mood when I am in the gym. I feel a lot more focused and want to stay in the gym longer and longer.

JohnJKeegan's Rating

This is my first time using a test booster and I am sure without a doubt that it made a huge difference in my lifting and recovery. I used one bottle then stopped for a month and I had a 10-20 pound drop in all my lifts when I stopped using it. I am 43 years old and it made me feel 20 years younger. Try it once, what do you have to lose.

orandhea's Rating

I received my package from MuscleTech AlphaTest 100 Rapid-Release Capsules. I'll tell ya. This stuff really works, I was hesitated at first. Then after few days I started to see some results as in my energy in the gym, my hair is growing pretty quick. Even though I just had it cut couple weeks ago. I notice an increased in my upper body, especially in my chest and back. I really like the stuff I received from MuscleTech. I would recommended this to anyone. I know I would try a bottle again, cause I am just about out of my pills.

BlueRev's Rating

I received the Alphatest/Myobuild stack from Muscletech to beta test. I was highly pleased with this stack, My lifts went up, My energy levels were increased in the gym, Hair grew faster then i could cut it. Overall a great stack that does not have a "blended" "pixie dust" formula. Very pleased with Muscletech in 2012 hopefully it stays that way. You can check my bodybuilding profile for the full thread/log on this product in my signature.

AFdave's Rating

Very solid product. Increased libido, sleep quality, and overall mood. I took 2 capsules at breakfast and 2 with dinner. Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality test booster.

Braz989's Rating

I definitely started to see and feel the effects after about a week and a half of use. My lifts did go up a bit, and I also just felt better in the gym. My muscles felt like they didn't fatigue as fast. Would definitely recommend!

jendzel's Rating

AlphaTest was a pretty raw test boost that I used during a bulking period. I took it in combination with Muscletech's MyoBuild. I took 2-4 every day for the duration of the bottle and it was great. Added a little extra juice to each workout, helped with recovery, and just really helped with having a strong mindset going into each workout. I posted a comment about this somewhere, but after getting the AT into my system after a couple weeks I just felt like I was gripping the iron twice as hard everytime i grabbed a barbell. Just that little extra boost of strength and confidence going into every lift was great, not to mention the mild recovery aiding effects. No bacne or increased aggression or any other traditional test booster side effects

gbullock32's Rating

Works good, takes a week or two for the noticeable effects to kick in; but when they do it is great. Strength increases and a slight libido increase as well. If you need a solid test booster than this will work great, only side effects were some slight acne and bad tasting burps for an hour or so after taking the pills.

SoonerMan28's Rating

I noticed a slight libido increase while on AlphaTest. Definitely noticed some great strength gains on it as well. Not my favorite Test product, but is one I would definitely recommend.

cdugan111's Rating

Usually I am not a test booster fan but this one works. I have tried some in the past and just didn't notice a difference. Muscletech has stepped their supplement game, and this one is awesome. Anytime I need a new test booster this will be my go to! Would recommend it to anyone!

braskibra's Rating

increased aggression and overall helped me drop 1.5 % bodyfat and gain an inch on my chest with one bottle. One of the best test boosters on the market right now. Great for anyone looking to gain size and strength.

1-20 of 95 Reviews