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First 4-In-1 Testosterone-Boosting Powder!*

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atomsand's Rating

atomsand did not leave a written review for this product.

broncomatthew's Rating

I am loving this stuff. My only negative comment would be that it is all clumpy and nasty looking when it first comes. Taste is as good as it can be. I am seeing improovements and power increases like nothing else has ever provided. Being over 30 I felt I needed a boost now that I am 5 months in to working out and this product has delivered.

linghaosj's Rating

linghaosj did not leave a written review for this product.

gacman8's Rating

Great Test Booster. My favorite. Tastes great too and even gives you a bit of protein. It had D-aspartic Acid which is the most effective testosterone booster there is in my experience. Another great product by Muscletech!

zakeswrx09's Rating

Took this stuff and **** my brains out within 5 minutes of taking it. Taste is pretty good I'll review again later after taking it for a while if i ever get off the toilet......... i could probably make it to the moon on 2 scoops

ferrer702's Rating

ferrer702 did not leave a written review for this product.

Jalbanese37's Rating

ANOTEST is a rather interesting product to say the least. The reason I say that is because the taste is not the greatest and at the same time not the worst the results have been phenomenal which is I gave it 9/10 and not 10. I feel results out weighs taste.

Undertaker09's Rating

Ive used anotest for a whole month and 1 week. It has increased my potential to another level but the side effects are not worth it. It taste really good tho, taste like real fruit punch, but it moves my stomach and i felt bloated. Rate 7/10 Overall. I would recommend this product for whoever don't react to any side affects.

axrosado's Rating

Wow, what can I say about this stuff? I recently purchased this as a natural test booster but what I got was colon blow. That packaging says to take two scoops for added benefit and they were RIGHT! Two scoop will have you ******* out of your butt all day! One scoop only lasts about half a day... as far as the natural test boosting abilities who knows? I gave this stuff a solid 3 days before I gave up, I don't like being dehydrated that long.

fruizjr's Rating

Had a sample and wow! Sudden muscle tightness and libido. However I am still partial to Animal Stak. There I notice VERY BIG increase in strength and muscle size and tightness. With Animal Stak effects on libido is a tad slower than Anotest but still works!

TruGame's Rating

I expected this product to taste terrible, but it was actually pretty good. Mixed well and went down easy. As for the effects, well let's just say that I had a good weekend with the wife!

DetroitWoj84's Rating

I actually had the blue raspberry flavor and it tasted good compared to the two other tests i had previously tried. Used for three months and am currently not using. Will be using again after the break. This product helped get me in gear again. Took it first thing each morning before breakfast. After a couple weeks noticed higher energy levels and more vigor. Definitely helped me get back into the game so to speak. Stopped using to see how my body responds without.

Wilezzell's Rating

Wilezzell did not leave a written review for this product.

jjgallegos713's Rating

jjgallegos713 did not leave a written review for this product.

eleckttruss's Rating

Every day I soon as I wake up I take one scoop Know it's just part of my Diet :-) I like it!

ramseyrowland's Rating

This product worked well for me both in and out of the gym. I have been taking for about a month now and do notice the difference. My only gripe is the Hawaiian Punch coloring of the product. There is so much of the stuff, you can actually taste the coloring. This is unfortunate as other than that the product is excellent. I have only taken one scoop at a time which seems to be sufficient for my needs.

sclark911's Rating

Switched from Test HD (Trib) to Anotest (D-Aspartic) because of some things I had read. I'm not seeing or feeling any difference after 3 weeks. I have been taking a test booster since i started lifting so I am going to cycle off all together after I run out to see if any of it makes a difference. If it does, I will probably go with something far less expensive like the brand of Trib. I don't think the MuscleTech products (strictly talking Test boosters) are worth the cost.

shtucker's Rating

Good taste and mixes well. This is my first and will be my only test boost. The stuff is great. It provides a good mix of what you would look for in this type of product. It is expensive, but well worth it. I've noticed increases in strength, stamina, energy and performance both in and out of the gym (if you know what I mean). My wife and I both love this product. Have been through 3 tubs and I'm starting on my 4th tomorrow.

Samtrawick's Rating

This product upset my stomach to the point I stopped using it after two days. I started a twelve week burn on Monday and wanted to evaluate a few products along the way. All I can say about Anotest is the flavor is pretty good and it mixes fairly well. I will caution my clients to stay away from this product.

666shan666's Rating

Cant take two scoops together, upsets stomach. so I took one in morning & one before I went to sleep. Used one box & found lot of gains in strength. Some size increase too. Great taste.

1-20 of 283 Reviews