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Boosts Metabolism, Increases Energy, and Supports Stamina while Helping to Control Cravings*

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AnewMe25's Rating

I used this stuff two years ago religiously and I lost 60 pounds. I Reordered shred Matrix and haven't lost a thing, I don't know maybe they changed their formula but it's definitely not as good as it was before. I felt no energy and no water weight loss at all. Nor any fat reduction, did nothing for my appetite. It was very disappointing. Well on to the next.......

nmacaluso's Rating

I have tried everything you could think , and this hands down has gotten me the leanest I have ever been!! Love this stuff. I am very serious when it comes to supplement taking and I recommend to everyone, also recommend 2-3 battles consecutive for best results. Happy training.

bleft392's Rating

Have taken before with not as much success because of poor diet. This time I've completely reworked my diet, log meals and stayed on track for a few months before starting Shred Matrix. The fat is literally melting off. Stacking with CLA Core as well. You've got to put in the work in addition to taking it for full benefit.

AustinWhite1812's Rating

I bought this product off Amazon after the holidays as a boost to lose all that holiday fat i put on and i've got to say im extremely pleased with the results. I dropped back down to 11% body fat after about 2 weeks of use with proper and exercise and dieting obviously. No real side effects that i noticed besides feeling wired all day. Great product.

TeamIrishMMA's Rating

This is a decent fat burner. I felt and looked shredded about a week into taking it. One downside however is the amount of times I had to use the bathroom while taking it. I would use it again.

davidchen's Rating

No use for me, I tried full of 120 cap as the schedule s****ested but I get nothing lose but get diarrhea...

jmccullough108's Rating

I have tried quite a few fat burners in the past. This one has so many different stages in it, I know I am getting my moneys worth out of them. I take 2 in the morning, and 2 in the afternoon. So far so good. Energy is up, mood is up, and it doesn’t have any crazy side effects that I have noticed so far. The only gripe that I would have about them is the shell that they put the powder it, it dissolves quickly, and sometimes falls apart. Overall this is my favorite fat-burner and I would recommend everyone who is interested at least try the sample pack.

Johnny0utlaw's Rating

Ive been using this for about three weeks now and so far so good. The appetite suppression is very good you will not be hungry. The diuretic effect seems to be very good i like it better then Xpel. I have noticed myself becoming more lean.

Mookie62489's Rating

The first day of taking this (I took 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon) I was very focus at work. I usually have up to 4 cups of coffee before 12 and on that day, I drank none. My appetite also decreased and felted full quick. It was like this for the rest of the week. A week later I got used to the appetite suppressant. Now in the middle of my second week, start taking 3 pills now. I haven't lost any significant weight amount of weight. I exercise and on a low carb diet as I was before taking it. I also drink plenty water normally.

markgruver's Rating

Did a really good job of appetite suppression for me and really kick started my weight loss. Energy level was ok, but had to drop down to 2 pills twice/day because it gave me headaches

JManinWA's Rating

When I purchased this, the larger quantity packs weren't available so I got the 21 caplet (3.5 days) pack. I started the day after a 3 day vacation that included splurging on eating and some beer (4 or 5 over 2 days). The day I got back I was about 7 lbs over my recent low (within the last 3 years or so) The day after starting (back on my diet), I lost 6 lbs. The next few days I added another 2-3 lbs. Probably it was going back on my diet and spending a bunch of time in the gym that contributed to quickly losing the vacation weight but 8 or 9 lbs in 4 days seems unlikely without help from this product. I wish that the larger quantity would have been available at the time, I would likely still be taking it. Based on a very short (3.5 days) run, it looks to be very effective. I will most likely go back on this after my Hydroxycut runs out.

fe87's Rating


531Builder's Rating

I'm not usually sensitive to caffeine products and in general like the MP products, but this particular item after 4 recommended doses made me extremely nauseous, and slightly dizzy even though I hydrated as recommended. On the plus side the appetite suppression was noticeable. As I said MP has some great products unfortunately this one is not for me.

BlackTopVR4's Rating

I've tried 3 different fat burners and MP has impressed me the most. First off, with these kinds of pills no one should expect instant, amazing results without combining these with a good diet and exercise. That being said, shred made a visible boost in my fat shred and mood when I started training. Other fat burners have given me headaches, hot flashes, or no noticeable results. My only complaint with this product is the amount of pills required/recommended per day. 5/1 just wanted to update by saying I recently switched back to this product from NLA shred her and stand by the quality of this product. Great results (when combined with diet and exercise of course) and no side effects. I take 2 first thing in the morning before a quick fasted cardio and it gives me a nice little morning boost!

andrewshalawylo's Rating

I've only tried two Fat burning products, This and the one I got as a free sample with it. It's been hard to tell whether or not this products provided any real fat burning effects. I did notice a decrease in visible body fat over the course of it's usage, though my BF% (measured with calipers by an admitted non-professional) dropped only slightly. I did start taking it at the same time as I began a decidedly more rigorous workout regimen. I did notice a subtle, comfortable energy boost after taking it first thing in the morning. I did appreciate that. The worst thing about this supplement is I found that when taking the full dosage I began waking up at about 2:00 a.m. every night and it took me longer and longer to fall back asleep every night afterward up to the point where I had to just get up and start my day super early and take a week off of the product to get back to normal.

pBeezy's Rating

Great energy boost, it definitely keeps you awake but when it's time to relax and sleep it was nearly impossible for me. I toss and turned every night I took this and am happy to say I am finally done with the entire bottle and can look forward to a few good nights of sleep. I lost 10LBS with this stuff, I wouldn't recommend it because of the sleep issues, there are better products out there.

scribler's Rating

Gave me massive jitters (too much caffeine) so I stopped using it.

Jflip2002's Rating

It doesn't seem to be what it used to be. I don't get energy from it that's noticeable, but I get the crash. It does stave off hunger, and helps with the sweets cravings, though.

smokingnurse's Rating

this stuff is DYNO-MITE!!! ive taken phentermine,alli,green tea, name it!!! nothing matches this stuff....i wish i couldve found it years ago!!! im gonna order $200 bucks worth next time. i want to make sure im stocked up bc im sure they will snatch it off the market like they do all things that actually ephedra or phen phen.......

ScottMorrow's Rating

I loved this product! Within a few days I saw results! When I took other weight loss supplements I could never find one that I liked. I just simply didn't like how they made me feel. I hated all the jitters and how my heart was about to burst out of my chest. I started off slow not knowing what this product would do but upped my dosage within a few days. Through my dosage changes I never noticed any differences, no jitters and an instant burst of energy! Also if you suffer from extreme dehydration like I did from other products you won't with this one! make sure you drink enough water when you take the pill though!

1-20 of 783 Reviews