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The Perfect Leak-Free Shaker To Mix Your Supplement Powders!

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sally201's Rating

Really good shaker, gets the job done no leaks for anything.

BruceLeeJamesD's Rating

For the main use of this bottle being a shaker it wasn't the best. Love the look but it is prone to spilling when you shake it...which is the main purpose!!

stupidwayward's Rating

stupidwayward did not leave a written review for this product.

a405337457's Rating

a405337457 did not leave a written review for this product.

Mikojlee's Rating

Wonderful and easy to use. BCAA and Protein mixtures don't get stuck in any crevices like some shakers with ridges and textured designs. Sleek and smooth. Two thumbs up for sure!

MrBucket101's Rating

Put it in the dishwasher once and it started to leak shortly afterwards. Buy something else, this is just an expensive cup to me now

MichaelMac87's Rating

MichaelMac87 did not leave a written review for this product.

jscott1047's Rating

This bottle leaks and came to me with some plastic chipped off of the lid. The design and colour scheme are cool but it is not usable due to the leaking. Was cheap but still expected better

carriebeth1980's Rating

I must have received one with slight defect, this is the same exact design as my F3 nutrition bottle as well as one of my BB shakers, literally exact same just different color schemes but this one leaks. I even mixed up lids to see if just switching lid would allow me to use the base but still leaks. Stiil not complaining, it was a $4 purchase and my 5 year old has put it into his "workout bag", he doesn't mind the sprinkle effect while he's gettinng swole. I'm sure I'll be ordering another shaker cup anyway- I never seem to have enough (until I clean out my truck at the end of the week.)

bcaseyh's Rating

This is a great bottle that mixes my shakes up nice and smooth like. Color option is better than the drab ole clear ones. The only mark down for me is the insert can be annoying to pull out sometimes, and is **** near impossible to do without making a mess unless it's completely empty. Otherwise It's great!

kww228's Rating

I am on my second one right now and they leak and have gotten cracks in them from washing in the dishwasher. It is the same kind of shaker bottle as many of them just with the MusclePharm logo on it and each of the ones I have used has had some kind of issue.

Dyatlenko's Rating

хороший все устривает))

rbyhinds's Rating

This is the worst shaker I own, the first time I ever used it, it leaked and the liquid got all over me. Wouldn't recommend it.

Nightmare901's Rating

After 2 days of use, The mixer clip broke because it doesn't want to come out... Guess I pulled too hard and it just snapped. Bought a different one and like it 100x better. I would stay away from this one, never had a problem with it leaking though... Used it for about 3 weeks when I got my new one.

jorich92's Rating

jorich92 did not leave a written review for this product.

goldenara82's Rating

At first it was excellent, but after using it for 4 months, it started to take out liquid during shaking... and the logo started to erase now.

csc_go_r8rs's Rating

It looks cool, mixes well, but the mixer is a PAIN to take out. Overall a decent shaker.

adamjaycee's Rating

Great looking shaker cup and never spills.

lmgtodd's Rating

lmgtodd did not leave a written review for this product.

zunimidniter's Rating

Bad shaker leaked everywhere when shacked and when tilted on side! But made up for it and credited back my account! Thanks!

1-20 of 83 Reviews