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JoeJeep67's Rating

What a concept! These little gel shot packets are so simple, yet convenient. I usually take 2 at a time, in between meals, either once or twice a day. I work rotating shifts in addition to being a volunteer firefighter, so I'm always on the go. These gel shots have come in handy super handy as I have just got home from the gym, and before I can even change out of my workout clothes, get dispatched for a house fire. I can pop these gel shots while responding to the fire, and I'm good to go for a few more hours! The only negatives I have are I am not so crazy about the mango flavor. I've gotten used to the key lime, but my favorite is the banana cream, but for some reason, I cannot get them in the 12 pack box :( I wish they would keep the banana cream for sale, if not getting more flavors (fruit punch or chocolate:)

BiggestGlen's Rating

Great product. Very easy to pack in my bag for the day. Tastes pretty good.

BigballinG's Rating

Love the MuscleGel shots. They aren't very filling, but definitely provide a nice amount of protein. I usually just eat one along with my breakfast and dinner.

MagnumMagnus's Rating

Great tasting little concoction! Ive never really seen anything like this besides maybe protein bars. Packs a ton of protein in a little gel pack. Lemon Lime is my favorite flavor

BrianBCoughlin's Rating

Muscle Gels are great mainly because of how convenient they are. I pack a few in my book bag every day and snack on them during classes. Along with Combat Crunch they make for great snacks.

SamMan33's Rating

SamMan33 did not leave a written review for this product.

tomlapidus's Rating

Overall this product is a very convenient way to get protein quick. I found that it was difficult to squeeze out the product and the taste and consistency were not very good. I rated it a 6 because it does deliver a good amount of protein with low calories fast but in my opinion using a powder in a shaker isn't too difficult and I have found much better options for better value with better taste. Overall just and average product.

jeffjones1332's Rating

Recently won 2 boxes of gels,a bottle of Liquid Carnitine Core and a bottle of CLA Core,a black MP polo and a pair of black MP boxer briefs in a company promo/giveaway.Thanks go out to KwayZee and MP.Let me start off by saying that I love these muscle gel shots.They are very handy,you can take them anywhere and anytime,taste good,and provide you with 22g protein per shot with 0 fat,0 sugar and only 3g carbs.The key lime is my favorite followed by banana cream then tropical mango.I think they taste a little better after being refrigerated,but still taste really good not refrigerated.The wife and son love them also,we take them with us on our runs or when we hit the road for a quick and easy protein source.I will use these again as with all MP products that I have tried.

sethlcs's Rating

Quick and convenient way to get your protein.

AngelKing1992's Rating

Never tried gels before, but my nutrition professor recommended this stuff before going on runs to avoid GI cramps! Musclepharm's protein gels tasted AMAZING and is packed with over 20 grams of protein! The banana cream was my favorite flavor, and the key lime was surprisingly delicious as well! Would recommend you spread this over dessert!

brendanga's Rating

These are clutch when youre dieting. Packed with protein, but the carb & sugar profile is very low. Curbs the cravings every time.

rubenor's Rating

Very convenient and tasty snack! I take these with me to work everyday and pull one out when I need a snack.

MrMakAttack's Rating

Flavoring is excellent. Profile is decent but I don't like the fact the protein is derived from collagen...but I understand why they do it. Love that Mango and Key lime. Flavoring is on point.

stad0203's Rating

Just grabbed a single one of these to give them a test drive and now regret not just doing a full box. A very tasty quick protein fix without the hassle of mixing a shake or the extra fat/carbs of a protein bar. Blows the other similar products out of the water on texture too with a nice soft easy to consume gel. I only tried the Key Lime so far but plan to grab a box of each next order!

dubbwebb's Rating

well, whats not to like about these? ...they are delicious in my opinion, although they might be a TAD on the sweet side for others. Tropical mango would have to be my favourite, followed by key lime..then banana cream. The packs are very convenient, and the small size allows you to take it with you anywhere, so long as you have a pocket. Highly recomended!

justh8me's Rating

I won a variety box of these in a promo, and I love them. Flavor wise I would say: Banana Cream 9/10 Key Lime 8/10 Mango 7/10 Great flavor, convenient pack, and its an isolate, really cant beat it!

jonjohn1232003's Rating

These are ok. Not a big fan of the taste/consistency.

elenikaniaris's Rating

I must admit, the first taste of this was difficult. It's a little gritty and very thick gel. But, once I started to get into it, it was not bad at all. I can't imagine a more effective way to take protein on the go. I will purchase this again!

DaCiRo's Rating

Excellent Protein on the Go!. Great portability, easy to carry anywhere. The pouch is also quite resistant to damage. It won't break or tear easily so you are sure this thing will not mess up your bag. A bit too sweet for my taste, but tastes great!.

juliedefran's Rating

juliedefran did not leave a written review for this product.

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