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Increase Metabolic Rate and Support Healthy Body Composition to Lose Weight*

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xcmatx's Rating

NOT BUYING THIS ONE AGAIN (or maybe even any CLA from bodybuilding)! Theres pieces of what looks likes soft plastic, but probably old dried up CLA. Just wondering how it became like a flat piece as big as a thumb. I don't see evidence of popped capsules or anything. Although if the bottles are old then maybe it just dried up into these hard pieces.

StrongDominic's Rating

CLA is a huge assist stacked with my vitamins and fat burner. Take these 3 times a day with a meal. I feel the difference over the past month.

Ryderboy1's Rating

Stocked up on these. Three a day. You get a good amount for the price

jessikadiane28's Rating

jessikadiane28 did not leave a written review for this product.

vanwisaa's Rating

When dieting, eating clean and exercising hard, I do everything I can to not burn up muscle. Though it's difficult, supplements like this are key to muscle recovery, for growth, and also helping our bodies use our fat for energy instead of muscle.

Vanessatrevino's Rating

Loved it! Usually take it before bedtime and have no problem getting a good nights sleep.

rldreyes101's Rating

Clinical dose of CLA is minimum of 4-6 grams... so a bottle of 90 softgels will last only about 2-3 weeks... and even then, each 1 g softgel isn't even entirely CLA, the rest of the proprietary blend is olive oil and avocado oil. You're paying for CLA, not some oils you can buy at the grocery store...

djjune72's Rating

Well I did buy this product hope hoping that it will help me with a little bit more with my lost weight and I've been drinking it to see what's going to happen until I finish I've been drinking it correctly but I don't see that much of a difference yet

andvarievann's Rating

andvarievann did not leave a written review for this product.

SigmaTom's Rating

Hard to ***** up CLA pills, but you know you can expect a quality product anytime you choose MP.

Hosseus's Rating

Unfortunately, this product has not helped at all. If anything, it's done the opposite. While I presume CLA is a good item to add to one's diet and workout program, this hasn't worked for me at all. If anything, it's done the opposite. However, as I have not yet tried any other brands, I;m not going to write off CLA just yet...just this brand.

Springely's Rating

This CLA capsule is affordable, easy to take, and works pretty well. This is my first CLA product, and I am quite happy with the results, though you have to take them for a while until you start noticing the effect.

hitendra.desai's Rating

I have one question and would be grateful if anyone can answer. I have loads of loose fat. I take 1 pill with Breakfast, 1 pill with Lunch. But shall I take 1 after my evening workout with protein shake. Because i sleep after drinking protein shake and do not eat anything. Thanks.

Jikingare's Rating

It worked really well when stacked with their Carnitine.

JoshW3434's Rating

The MusclePharm CLA has worked fantastically for me. I use it in combination with several other MusclePharm Products (I.e. Combat Protein Etc.) but as far as cutting weight it is and will stay part of my daily regiment. I am down 19 lbs in 1 month. Obviously hard work and hours in the gym had a part with that but I clearly see the benefits of the CLA as well.

Simonbolin's Rating

This is one of my favourite cla, it help me cut those unwanted love handles.

loeutz's Rating

loeutz did not leave a written review for this product.

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apks's Rating

apks did not leave a written review for this product.

cbostick's Rating

I can start to tell a difference. I gave it a 8 because I'm not fully finished with the product. But from what I can tell so far it's doing that job. First CLA I've used and I'm pleased.

sexygrownJ's Rating

Noticed a boosted metabolism and lean muscle maintenance. Cutting fat right off the meat.

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