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Jaycrespy's Rating

MPs Battle Fuel XT 100% effective and worth the money. i really loved it, it gave me the pump i need to get noticeable gains! thanks musclepharm

M3RICA's Rating

Great product. Take off 2 points for the amount of pills you have to take per day (8) and I had a couple capsules break inside the bottle which made it taste terrible. 8/10

Mhouliha's Rating

Battle Fuel XT really helped provide overall energy, amp up my workouts, build muscle, and burned fat at a very high rate.

blokpost's Rating

Nice product. It increased my libido and improved recovery, but it took 7-9 days to notice full effects. What I really liked was that it helped me lift heavier (added 35 lbs to my bench press) and aided in fat burning.

pauzuolis's Rating

Meh. It might be working, it might not be. Been taking the required dosage (8 pills) for 2 weeks now. I notice nothing out of the ordinary thus far, positive or negative. Next time I'm up for test booster I'll order the Dr. Stoppani version of this. I would not recommend at this point, nor am I slamming it as ineffective. I just personally will buy a different product next time.

Kevin Mattson's Rating

Muscle Pharm's BATTLE Fuel XT gave me the cutting edge I needed to push through my rigorous training. If your goal is to GET JACKED FAST... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! One other thing that I noticed, ya' know when you smell the containers and they smell like dog crap!!! lol. Well, BATTLE Fuel XT has like a sweet fruity smell to it, and the capsules go down easy too. Just an extra bonus I like to throw in for some of you that have a hard time with that. BATTLE Fuel XT's aggressive cutting edge formula is designed to promote and support all things male within you. Bolster performance and help build hard lean muscle.* BATTLE FUEL XT feeds anabolism and promotes strength.* The result? Build lean mass and strength while supporting testosterone levels.

HynSty2013's Rating

Battle Fuel XT has helped me get more definition, harder muscles and great vascular growth. I wish i could take it longer than 4 weeks before a wash out period. I would recommend this Testosterone Booster too any healthy male 18+! As my physical has proven, Muscle Pharm Battle Fuel XT is SAFE!

zefman's Rating

I've had my ups and downs with this product. I truly believe it's benefiting me, however there was a long adjustment period for it. Personally to avoid the diarrhea issue I capped myself at 3 pills per serving. 3 is fine, 4 is an all day battle. That's the biggest drawback.

McConnell89's Rating

The pills smell absolutely horrible. They smell like morning breath. Just be aware of that if you decide to buy them. I would have liked to know this.

EverettNYC's Rating

I took the directed amount for two full bottles. Toward the end of the second bottle, I had my annual physical, where I always get my free testosterone checked. My testosterone was in the normal to low range, which is standard for me. I'm 31 years old, 5'8", 163 and in good shape (work out 6 days a week). I also take multi-vitamins, pre workout supplementation and protein powder. I can only assume that this product does not work, based on the bloodwork. With that said, I must admit that this product did boost my libido and overall energy levels. However, I cannot stray from the pure fact that my free testosterone levels did not increase.

gravityman2021's Rating

This product.... the warning label called it. diarrhea, every time I took it. MP, fix this **** (no pun intended).

goldenara82's Rating

I used a bottle which I bought it from a shop in Ukraine, it was excellent and I saw results during 20 days, then I ordered 3 bottles from and I already finished the first one and no results at all.. maybe the quality is different for products in

Script63's Rating

A lot of mixed reviews. Ive tried this product 3 times. For me the main reason I come back to it is the focus, appetite and drive. I usually stack with tribulas. Each time ive pushed to new bodyweight maximums while retaining lean muscle mass. Usually about halfway into the second bottle is where it peaks. A concern for me is that they changed the cycle to 4 weeks instead of 8. Remember these are natural stimulants and you shouldn't expect steroid results.

PaulDB1078's Rating

Ive been using Battle Fuel for a few weeks now and so far I can say that I like the results. As i'm taking a pre, a post, creatine and other supplements, its hard to say if its specifically helping with muscle growth. However, since I've been taking it I have felt my testosterone levels increase but not with the normal angry meat head results. My temperament has actually calmed down and I'm feeling less stressed. It works like a mood stabilizer with the benefit of a higher libido.

cardeziac's Rating

Pretty good. My opinion is it's one of those "I don't feel it working, but I think its working based on the results at the end". Could be the product, could be a placebo effect where I think its working so I work harder, but either way I do see above average gains. For the cost, I'll likely Buy again in the future.

RBaca1183's Rating

Junk, crap, snake oil. Muscle Pharm I honestly believed in your product, you disappoint me in all areas. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! BPI test boosters are superior in quality and results. I am shutting the door on you at this point.

jason383's Rating

A good product but I am still on the hunt for an even better one to call my stable. I did feel more focused and I feel as though I did gain some strength and size while I was on this so if you want a safe bet on feeling something and having some benefit I would recommend this.

Madfakir's Rating

This is one of those products, which takes your money and does nothing for you in return. I'm disappointed with MP. Do not buy this product. This is a waste of your hard earned money. MP needs to re-evaluate their products.

rossrob0083's Rating

taken properly with the current stack i am using, this product is good.

Aricmarriott's Rating

Nothing amazing. There are better products out there. Havent noticed anything that I expected this product would have given me. But then again I'm only on my second bottle.

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