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Our Only Pre-Workout With Real Nitric Oxide!

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ahroshdy's Rating

Excellent Pre-workout, it gives me energy, focus and helped me to start whole new level. Felt it more than Assault. Ice Lemon tastes good

DeadliftsRLife's Rating

Only pre-workout i got scared to use again. I was seeing stars, borderline passing out and close to puking. I got no pump no energy probably the exact opposite. I have tried alot of pre-workouts like C4, decimate, super pump, assault, Mutants pre, mr hyde, and many more out of all i have had decent to amazing experiences except for this nasty piece of ****.

me100you0's Rating

Ok so what i have found is that on its own its ok the dirct creation of N.O is after all what we want. but when you then add another preworkout that fires by the other pathway it enhances the net effect 2scoops of this and 1 scoop ripped freak GTG! :)

polarbear330's Rating

A buddy of mine is sponsored by MuscleMeds so he had some free samples lying around. I am normally skeptical of new pre-workouts because nothing ever seems to have the effect. Well, when I picked up the samples of this he also gave me the samples of the Amino Decanate. I asked why and he said the key to it was to combine the 2 together. HOLY MOTHER OF DEADLIFTS WAS HE RIGHT!!!! I haven't felt energy like that in I don't even know how long. I literally did 2 full leg routines and still did a cooldown on the treadmill. I wasn't crashing when I was done, I just realized that my muscles were starting to become jelly but I still had energy. I didn't crash that night until about 7 hours after and I didn't even crash. Just kind of wound down. Not everything works the same for everyone, I know that and I've been through it. I normally have a high tolerance for things (alcohol, preworkout, etc). This shot me through the roof, so I'll definitely be going back to this. and combining it with the Amino Decanate. Hope this helped some of you!

levirage's Rating

A lot of samples come through my work so I have tried many different pre workouts, and I've gotta say, NO Bull was just what I was looking for. Energy to spare without being jittery, and holy PUMP. Mixes just fine with a quick shake with no clumps or flakes at the bottom. My only issue is that the fruit punch isn't as tastey as your typical Pre, but with the results who really cares? Price is fair, the one s****estion I would make is that if you are a bigger person definitely take 2 servings. You wont regret it.

tonydurbs's Rating

tonydurbs did not leave a written review for this product.

nathanspear's Rating

great stuff, I am pretty impressed, definitely keeps me going in the gym, I would say just as good as jack3d n c4, I would definitely buy this product again no doubt. and fruit punch flavors usually taste strong and overpowering but this stuff tastes pretty good which is a plus

Jhangiz's Rating

Its an amazing pre-workout stuff .... Awsmm!!!

wolfbearstina's Rating

Product tastes pretty good, and it makes you feel great! I've tried other pre-workouts, but I can't quit this stuff. It also hasn't given me any "jitters" or other negative side effects.

sahilrizwan's Rating

Normal i think b p i sports 1mr is great

RyanAusburn's Rating

Well the hype of this product sucked me in and it was a big let down. Ive tried so many things over the years, Jacked, C4,NOexplode,1mr and my favorite by far has been 1mr. No Bull although slightly better than C4 and Jacked does not even come close to NOexplode or 1mr.

tridelta's Rating

MUSCLEMEDS usually produces effective products. However, I found NO Bull to be a dud. No power increase and no extra endurance, but the pump was decent. Neurocore and Monster Pump produced far better results. tridelta

mbabauta's Rating

Great pre-workout. Keeps me focused and helps intensify my workout. Only thing is the Fruit punch still tastes a little like the lemon ice.

jbrown3855's Rating

i had expectations of great things from muslcemeds no bull. unfortunately this did not live up to the hype and reviews of other customers. i received a sample packet of no bull, this is my unbiased opinion: energy/focus - while i did notice a boost from this product, it certainly does not compare to the energy blends that many companies are coming out with nowadays. I workout at 5AM every morning and unfortunately this product simply did not cut it in this category. i did notice a tad elevation in focus however. mix-ability - this product had great mix-ability. no clumps, granules, or foam. endurance - i typically have great endurance throughout my workouts, so i usually do not rate products on this factor unless they blow me out of the water! pump - i did notice a reasonably nice pump with no bull, however it certainly was not the mind blowing, skin tearing, game changing pump that the company boasts. taste - believe it or not this is where the product scored the highest for me, and im not quite sure why some people bash the flavoring. to me it actually tasted like a melted fruit punch Popsicle. overall, i would have to say that if you are looked for a more balance and well rounded pre-workout product in all of the categories you may want to look at spending your money elsewhere.

1974BadBoy's Rating

I'm a big guy so it takes more that the normal amount of caffeine for me. I can double shoot this and not feel any jitters but more pump. This supplement offer more that a jolt. I can focus and force with correct form. I love it. If you are under 215 Lbs, I wouldn't suggest the double up. If you have any Heart Related conditions don't do what I do.

318brandon's Rating

Helps with intensity and awesome pumps

taekwontron's Rating

I was super excited to get this product because i've heard good things about muscle meds. Recieved it and tried out the first day. First off, the taste is absolutely horrendous. Secondly, no pump. I usually take c4 and get the itchy feeling. I never recieved a boost of energy from this whatsoever. If you buy it, maybe you'll have better luck than I did. I wasn't going to write a review but this is my 8th workout in a row that I haven't had some boost of energy whatsoever.

yondaime19389's Rating

yondaime19389 did not leave a written review for this product.

MuayTyrant's Rating

MuayTyrant did not leave a written review for this product.

AYooper's Rating

All I can say is "two scoops, feel the tingle, and lets hit the iron" There is no crash after a while and I feel super pumped during and after my sessions. Since I work overnight the little boost really gets me focused on the way to the gym after dragging my *** out of bed. Great taste and price.

1-20 of 34 Reviews