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Phosphatidylserine Is A Natural Substance Found In The Brain!

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Shreddingtime's Rating

Cort-block is a must have in any lifters stack. You sense and see a real diffence in stamina and results as your muscles suffer less and feel less strain from grueiling work outs allowing for a swifter recovery.

sunilshroff's Rating

Great supplement i take two caps in the night gives me good restful sleep wake up fresh in the mornings looking forward to my workout .. i believe helps me handle stress better resulting in better overall recovery great tonic for the body and the mind .

sal2012's Rating

sal2012 did not leave a written review for this product.

stephaniefrick's Rating

This Cort-bloc has saved me from overtraining. I used to feel aweful and sore after running so much. (Training for a marathon.) This is a miracle supplement. I take 2 with my Energy Supplement and Protein Powder before I run, and I am faster, and leaner than I have ever been! Definetly worth the $. I don't think I could be this fit without it. It has saved my muscles and the stress I put on them with all of my intense training! LOVE THIS STUFF! I have lost a total of 10 pounds in 2.5 weeks from just getting back out on the road because I am not as sore.

r_dougl's Rating

Added this to my stack. Really helped jump start my workouts

jhenderjr's Rating

This product may work, but doesn't seem necessary if your using a quality pre- and post workout drink! You are using over kill if you are a beginner to moderate trainer. It could be useful if your not getting enough protein and carbs, or an overtrainer by nature.

webhouse's Rating

webhouse did not leave a written review for this product.

1-7 of 7 Reviews