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5 Sources Of Creatine & 5 Sources Of Arginine For Explosive Power!*

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Juice2544's Rating

Serum is a very enjoyable and versatile all-in-one pre-workout that covers all angles of performance enhancement! I highly recommend stacking this with Volume & Hi5, although I found it extremely dependable for maxing out by simply double scooping. I used this for 24 days with a pr-obliterating stack and was absolutely amazed at the results: Thrust, E-Brake & G-Spring. Thank you creating such reliable physical & mental energizers Magnum!

gescika's Rating

gescika did not leave a written review for this product.

PeakofNothing's Rating

I tried this and it was pretty good. Taste was excellent. Went down easy. THere was no tingling or jitters. If you stack this with Rocket Science you'll feel an effect immediately

danr4469's Rating

I have been using the serum for about 4 weeks now. I take it as a pre-workout supplement. I have had excellent results when using. My workouts are more focused and intense. I find that I take much shorter rest periods and capable of lifting more weight or producing more reps. I would recommend Serum to anyone.

jamiec02's Rating

jamiec02 did not leave a written review for this product.

ssquires008's Rating

Magnum serum gives you a solid boost and a definite edge. Mental focus and power come with it but there is little pump from this pre workout

DonovanH131's Rating

works wonders

pmosburn13's Rating

Great endurance, power and pumps! Been using this over 2 months and it tastes great also. Highly recommended!

Lifting4Everr's Rating

Lifting4Everr did not leave a written review for this product.

RKnucks28's Rating

RKnucks28 did not leave a written review for this product.

80benrichards's Rating

The people at magnum sent me a VERY generous sample package with both serum and DNA in it. I took the Serum for several workouts and was impressed with the extra energy and motivation it gave me. Mixed well, tasted great and went to work right away! DNA looks very promissing but hard to review after taking a a couple samples. Would need to run for a few weeks to see results...

HananArabatlian's Rating

HananArabatlian did not leave a written review for this product.

rtmcgee's Rating

rtmcgee did not leave a written review for this product.

rob112's Rating

This product has excellent focus/energy. The taste is nice too. I tried grape as well and this flavor takes a slight edge. The pumps were very inconsistent, but over all a good product for people looking for the little extra to get going. I did two scoops pre and I wouldn't do it any other way(unless you are stim intolerant/working out late).

andy3d2's Rating

Really good product. Not as strong as 1-MR but I like it for that reason. just the right amount of stimulation. when I feel like a super boost I take 1MR before and Serum during training with my BCAA and after! Super pump!!

MassFreak2063's Rating

Not a very good product in my opinion. I had to use over their "maximum dosage" to get anything out of it at all really. It basically gave me like 20 minutes of energy if that and then mostly nothing. The taste is also...weird. I love blue raspberry, but this was I dunno, tasted chemically. Also didn't feel like it was mixed very well to have a homogenous mix in the container. There were really no huge positives at all I'm sorry to say.

PaulWog's Rating

The taste is the #1 part about the preworkout! Second best part is it works. Third best part is it's pretty decent for recovery. Worst part is the preworkout costs quite a lot in-store ($65). So I give this preworkout an 8/10. It loses 1 point because it's not as effective as some others can be... and it loses 1 point because of its cost... but it excels in every other category, making it quite a nice product overall. On a side-note, I really dislike the fruit punch version of this product (I find its taste is more a 7 or 8 out of 10), while blue raspberry tastes an awful lot better. I haven't had a chance to try the grape flavour yet.

MaximusAurelius's Rating

Amazing taste, great product! My favourite flavour!!

MichaelFarr's Rating

Great tasting, mixes well. Energy and pump is solid, and no crash. Overall great product

CaliBakes's Rating

Awesome product, kicked in in a matter of minutes of taking it and keeps you motivated throughout your whole workout with no crash and the focus was awesome, it didnt give me the tunnel vision that i hate, it just kept me motivated and wanting to do more. Serum also helped with putting up more weight and pushing out more reps. The taste is pretty good, its a little sour but overall tastes like fruit punch.

1-20 of 83 Reviews