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Supports Metabolic Rate, Immune Function, and Healthy Blood Vessels*

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Spikesfit's Rating

This is great CLA helping me lean out in my mid section. I switch around with different weight loss supps but I stick to CLA all around.

AliJozo's Rating

AliJozo did not leave a written review for this product.

barrierj's Rating

barrierj did not leave a written review for this product.

Ansould's Rating

Ansould did not leave a written review for this product.

dacunzato30's Rating

Love it, Take it b4 a cardio workout or whenever! Strength and endurance baby! I sweat like an animal on this stuff and I like it!

nbk6kp9's Rating

Weight stayed about the same but definitely helped my abs to show a little bit more.

welchsjuice's Rating

Combined this CLA with my fat burner and complimented it very well.

TheBeastWCBB's Rating

CLA is really great to add for overall health and especially getting results regardless cutting or packing on size.

Lapique's Rating

Lapique did not leave a written review for this product.

da9874's Rating

da9874 did not leave a written review for this product.

Ginger716's Rating

It definitely works when used with a clean low carb diet. It is not a quick fix diet pill, but used in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise I have seen a difference in my belly fat reduction.

exnihilo113's Rating

It definitely works. I have a noticeable reduction of fat in my midsection and lower back.

louellern's Rating

Good Product so far....

ANTDOG617's Rating

I got this as part of the 40+ stack bundle and have used it for a month now. I have to say I actually do see the drop in body weight and body fat% faster than I expected. I take 3 a day along with fish oil and OPTI-MEN vitamins along with my diet and workouts. so far so good and I haven't had any side effects just results.

mrsJNO's Rating

I didn't see or feel much of a change while taking this product. Might work for others but unfortunately, it was a waste of money for me.

Ruman17's Rating

For the price, I don't want to say I would definitely recommend it unless you don't mind spending money on a supplement that may or may not work. No side effects though, so that's good. I just can't say I've seen a higher rate of weight loss or fat loss since I started taking this.

rodpastrana's Rating

Works like magic!

liaozp2001's Rating

liaozp2001 did not leave a written review for this product.

MsSoto's Rating

There are very few high quality CLA supps with a gram per dosage. I've had great results with this product. I usually take 4 to 5 a day in split dosages. Will definitely keep going with this.

mulexing's Rating

I was injured and unable to workout. After several months I started taking CLA and noticed I seem to be burning more fat while still unable to workout. Looking forward to seeing what kind of results I get when I resume training.

1-20 of 176 Reviews