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keithcarson's Rating

I tried this because I really like the MRM Whey Protein shakes, but the Micellar Casein is terrible. Tried mixing it with fruit, peanut butter, almond milk... Nothing will cut that horrible flavor. It's like really thick wet chalk; no chocolate flavor at all. The ingredients list is solid and the benefits may be good, but it doesn't do you any good if you can't force it down your throat! Moving on to another brand. I hope they're not all like this.

littlewreck's Rating

I've only had the cookies and cream flavor, but it tastes absolutely TERRIBLE. It tastes like chemicals, without even the slightest hint of cookie flavor. I've tried everything to make this casein edible: proyo was a fail; adding chocolate syrup didn't help ... I'm giving up and trashing it.

BigReddHair's Rating

I had the Cookies and Creme and always mixed it with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. It was really chalky though and not my favorite. I actually ended up adding powdered peanut butter and unsweetened cocoa powder to make it taste better - and that helped!

doublen675's Rating

This stuff is excellent in my opinion. Cookies and cream is delicious!

Ostwind's Rating

I don't know how well this product works as I can't manage to drink it as it tastes so awful. I tried it twice and can honestly say it is one of the most disgusting things I've ever tasted. I rated it a five just in case it might work but since its so utterly disgusting in flavour, no matter how good it is is irrelevant when it cannot be humanly consumed. So in conclusion on a scale of one to ten, I rate this an abomination of flavour.

XTremeSteelX's Rating

This product is totally wack. I have no idea why the rating is so high. Im serious. Ive had a tub of this for almost a month now, and its just sitting there, because its soo bad. Taste is the absolute worst! I have never had a supp taste like this! Its gritty, has this bitter/acetone taste, and its jus plain wrong. I dont know what they did to it, maybe its some kind of weird artificial sweetener? Whatever, it'll make you gag if you dont chug it down and hold your nose... I just take my regular protein shake in its place. Didnt seen like it took a nice long time to digest either. I was hungry again after an 1 hour and a half. So, i would say, dont buy! Never recommend! The only thing worth mentioned is the protein content, and a good mix of BCAA's, the product itself is just no good. It taste and looks like a 3rd grade protein, just do yourself a favor and spend the money on a different brand.

Cdoyle413's Rating

This is a great product, I started using a casein before bed, I use Muscle Milk as my regular protein, but I have found great results with this casein, its a great choice for a slow digesting protein.

hrchampagne's Rating

Just started using the Cookies & Cream and it tastes amazing! Yum!

temp86's Rating

I just got this product today and mixed my first serving up, the taste is absolutely terrible. I've used casein before and I can say that this has got to be the worst tasting supplement out there. I'm not sure why the rating is so high on this product, but I will not be so inclined to try a new brand based on these ratings in the future. Save your money on this one.

xXfordGT40Xx's Rating

Mixablity is great i put it in shaker with suggested water and mixed up perfectly The cookies and cream is fantastic tasting and is the best tasting casein protein that I have had. How ever it gets a 7/10 of ten from me because it uses high fructose corn syrup besides that its a yummy protein but I really hate high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup isn't really healthy and both high fructose corn syrup coupled with the sugar they use is not something I wanna be drinking before I sleep which is what I use casein for...before bed...besides that its a very tasty protein that didn't upset my stomach.

Kennybloggins's Rating

Kennybloggins did not leave a written review for this product.

superhuman67's Rating

I have had a few brands of cookies and cream flavored proteins over the years and Muscle Milk by Cytosport was probably the best tasting but MRM did a very good job with the flavoring for their cookies and cream flavor and it has it's own unique flavor to it. It actually has kind of a carmel after taste to it which I found to be quite tasty and the fact that it is pure micellar casein it ranks higher in quality to Muscle Milk. The mixabilty was excellent, and the taste and the fact that micellar casein digest very slowly makes this protein ideal for someone looking for a protein to use between meals or to use before bed when slower digesting proteins are needed. I definitely recommend this protein to someone who likes cookies and cream.

babyblues422's Rating

Had a gritty taste. so so on this one

jamesong76's Rating

I had bought this after reading some good reviews posted on am surprise with the cookies and cream taste!It taste so good till i cant resist to consume often to meet my taste bubs.The taste is similar to UMP protein blend.I strongly recommend this as night time protein source

BloggingMolly's Rating

I love this stuff, I have been using Micellar Casein for a while right before I go to bed and it is great. It gives me the slow digesting protein I need before bed. Good work MRM!

robt_perkins's Rating

robt_perkins did not leave a written review for this product.

Uri3LV8's Rating

MRM 100% Micellar Casein Cookies & Cream was **** delicious. I was very skeptical to taste this product but I was proven wrong. The two things that were off is the after taste had a chemical taste and one of the ingredients is corn syrup other then that this product is good.

am1991's Rating

Great taste and mixability. Best tasting CnC casein I've tried.

rocknbutterfly's Rating

I got the MRM due to the fact that there was NO whey concentrate in it, which tends to cause stomach issues for me. The flavor of the MRM while it is not horrible it has a funny after taste to me. I will be returning this product. I guess I have spoiled myself to Beverly Int UMP. On a positive note it dose thicken very well with 8oz of h20 to 1 scoop of MRM. I cant truly rate this product on its results due to the fact I only tried it a few nights so for that I gave it a 5.

coolaidml's Rating

1) Product Overview Overall the profile is pretty good on this protein as it provides 24 Grams protein per 34 grams scoop. The added Oreo bits are a nice addition also. Only thing about that which I don't like is the crap that Oreos are made from like High Fructose Corn Syrup etc. The good part with this is they are very tiny and there isn't that much of it in the product. Rating 8/10 2) Results/Side Effects I noticed no side-effects from this product such as bloated or stomach discomfort. Rating 10/10 3) Taste I used my samples 2 different ways. First I added some to milk and then also to my Greek yogurt concoction. Both ways of using it were very good. When mixed into the milk it truly gave a cookies & cream flavor and was quite delicious to drink. When added to my Greek yogurt it also tasted good and i could see myself using it in the future again for both purposes. Rating 8.5/10 4) Mix-Ability Overall I had little to no problems with the mix-ability. Rating 9.5/10 5) Price/Value Compared to other similar Casein proteins this product is abit higher. I will say however that the taste is much better than others i've used in the past like Optimum Nutrition. Rating 8.5/10 6) Final Overview Overall this is a very solid product. I personally prefer regular whey or blends but if this was ever on sale I would certainly consider it. Rating 8.5/10

1-20 of 41 Reviews