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danielle35's Rating

I tried this product while I was in college. I was heading to play pro ball and needed a better workout. THIS WAS DEFINITELY MY ANSWER! I have not been working out as much now since I stopped playing ball, but now I am back at it and getting this creatine. It really helped with my workouts and I saw results within 2 weeks. The local Vitamin Shoppe stopped selling it, so I came to this site to purchase. While reading reviews I saw the same results others saw, so this is a wonderful source of creatine.

OMahdy's Rating

OMahdy did not leave a written review for this product.

MichaelDJ's Rating

Love love this product. Had used it years ago and then stopped. Now just getting back into the working out eating right proper supplementation. I find it best to eat b4 working out. I like salmon brown rice and broccoli. I then take the ATP about 1/2 hour afterwards. Efficacy/absorption does not seem to be affected whatsoever by food. I start by workout about 20 min after I take it and I experience results every time. Immediately when I am doing cardio to warm up I have added energy. As soon as I start my workout out I have a connection to the muscle and a pump. Almost like ATP helps me to isolate the muscle(s) I am working. Stretching and warming up is important throughout workout as ATP does give me a lot of added strength muscularly but not necessarily my tendons and joints. Overall added pump, strength and endurance every time.

BSwear's Rating

BSwear did not leave a written review for this product.

p00s7's Rating

This is my favorite creatine! Took it quite often in the past, plan to again in the future! No maintenance required and you feel energized right after taking. I never felt sore afterwards while taking this either.

Q-D-T's Rating

I was influenced by a buddy of mine & It's the best creatine product I've tried so far, helping me stay pumped & gain mass.

FitSam's Rating

This is my first time using a liquid form of creatine. It's hard for me to say whether it is working or not. In the beginning I thought it was, but now I am at the end of the bottle and I don't notice any significant difference in my workouts. I am going to try Superpump 250 and see if that gives me the boost and creatine supply I want.

Eternalism's Rating

I used this in high school and I loved it, Put +40lbs on my bench and kept me full of energy & it tastes great!

azrchrd's Rating

I've only been using the serum for less than a month, but I have used this product before (why I'm using it again). It does help when used right before a workout. I get a harder workout, having more energy to lift the heavier weights. No side effects like powdered creatine, plus I don't have to load up. I'll write more in a later review.

Keaos's Rating

I took this product in high school and it really helped me workout hard. But, I'd be mindful about breathing technique when taking it. Doubled with going far beyond my limits of reps I may have pinched a nerve. It gave me the worst headache for 3 week and I couldn't lift or jog without being welcomed by an enormous migraine. But after that it was all gone. I intend on taking this supplement again in the future. Works really good, just don't forget to breath. Just as a reminder, this is not going to help you gain muscle if you're not getting enough protein in your diet.

This is my favorite creatine powder, it's really easy to take and wow it works perfectly. I had never had so much strenght in my life

jceljdrake's Rating

Horrible product for me! Made no gains. Followed a strict diet..hit the weights hard...nothing. I should have researched it alot more before i bought it though so I had no one else to blame but myself for buying it.

sfc_670's Rating

Working on trying a new creatine to dissolve more quickly without having to mix it anymore. I'll post the results on the progress next month.

1-14 of 14 Reviews