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Supports Water Loss Beneficial for Both Men and Women!*

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nav624's Rating

in first 2-3 days it effects but after that no effect show

bryan120's Rating

Amazing. Had to lose 4 pounds in 3 days of water weight and I lost it with little to no conditioning. Works!

zane11's Rating

I recently used this product for my last set of photoshoots and video shoots and I was VERY pleased! I feel like it did a great job bringing out the last bit of definition that I needed! I frequently hear people complain about craps when using diuretics and this didn't happen to me at all with this product. I also feel like I stayed full for all the images! Definitely recommend this product and will be using it again in the future for shoots and events!

slp00b's Rating

Xpel is great to drop the excess water in your body before a show! I would not recommend taking it more than 2-3 weeks at a time. It loses it's effect if you are taking it for longer than that.

FcoDGF's Rating

FcoDGF did not leave a written review for this product.

lmmccatherine34's Rating

This works wonders! I used this to help with shedding water before my photo shoot last year and couldn't believe the difference! I looked night and day the week of my shoot vs the week prior!

BORIS130's Rating

This is the greatest Diuretic that's ever made the end.

fab611fresh's Rating

Xpel: Used it during my competition prep for about 10 Days. I used it 4 in morning and 4 at lunch time. Through those 10 days I was up at 2 gallons of water intake daily leading up to 1/2 gallon 2 days out from competition. I was at 9 percent through my journey of 10 weeks Preping and got down to 6.9 when taking expel on 10 days out I dropped down to 5.5 to deplete water intake to 32 oz 24 hours before competition and seeing fantastic results. My first competition placed 3rd place and happy with MHP Xpel. Will refer it to my clients and will take again next season.

shonuffgd's Rating

my coach had me use this mon-wed of my contest prep week I drank 2 gal of water daily and kept my food salted and my bf% dropped 2% from water weight in those 3 days ... for next prep I may take this the 3-5 days to get a little bit harder

rollin04's Rating

works great for helping cut water for shows

Johnny0utlaw's Rating

Ive bought 3 bottles of Xpel...didnt do anything for me. I didnt give it a one star because i know the company is pretty reputable. Shred Matrix is a better diuretic to me.

Abeast4lyfe's Rating

First, let me start off by saying, people should write a review if they can't follow simple instructions. This product definitely works!!! I have a show Saturday and started on Wednesday. Took 5 at 6am and 5 at noon. I consumed over a gallon and a half of water. I gone to the bathroom literally 15 times today. And still have Thursday and Friday to go. If you are looking for a fat burner or stimulant, this is not it. Xpel is made to pull from under your for a competition or photo shoot. Can also help women lose water during that time of the month. But it's temporary. As soon as drink it will come back. So stop looking for a miracle pill and get your fat, lazy, excuse having butts in the gym and work hard and eat clean. I'm 243 at 3.5% body fat. I'm in my fourth year of competing so I know there is no easy way. Apologize for any grammatical errors.

afit088's Rating

Worked great for me for my first figure competition. Definitely recommend this!

allen.rumrill's Rating

allen.rumrill did not leave a written review for this product.

samyt91's Rating

First time competitor. My coach recommended it. I loved it. Flushed me right out where I needed it. I used it for 3 days. Next time I'm trying 4 just to feel a little more dried out but overall it was perfect. I will be using it for my next show coming up shortly.

Buggfu's Rating

Buggfu did not leave a written review for this product.

tjwoody's Rating

I dont compete so can only speak from a "regular" guy point of view. I was getting ready for a trip to las vegas and I had a few bottles of these sitting around. decided a few days before I left to try them out. I started with 2 tabs twice per day and worked up to the 4x2. at 3 tabs twice per day I started really shedding water weight! as i was winding down for my vacation my diet was so so but I swear I was losing a lb a day. I increased my water intake as much as possible. total non stim fluid intake was over 1.5 gallons. this was great for me for a before a vacation and I loved it. Once I lose the bloat from the trip i will try another bottle with a more dialed in diet!

alexortiz5815's Rating

This product did not work well for me, i did use the bathroom a lot but I did not notice any difference in my body.

Rusty513's Rating

This really helped dry me out and bring out vascularity. I had my diet together and had leaned out for 12 weeks before using this product for 10 days. I would definitely recommend it.

wchea's Rating

Great product, used for 7 days only. Heard of the possibilities of making your muscles look flat and stringy, so seek professional guidance before using. Everyone's body type is different so I wouldn't recommend taking for 10 days. Used in preparations for Physique Competition. Shredded more water off before I started sodium, water, and carb loading. Felt fatigued at certain times, but that's normal and comes as an effect of diuretics. Water intake was 70 ounces a day while on this. Recommended water intake was 6 - 8 glasses of water a day + 16oz each time you take diuretic. I stuck with the minimum 8 glasses of 8 ounce water = 64 plus 6 extra ounces for pre workout.

1-20 of 88 Reviews