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Optimizes Testosterone Production, Utilization & Lowers Estrogen!*

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sdphil1969's Rating

I just received my order of T-Bomb 3xtreme in the mail. I've read some reviews and I'm hoping this product gives me the extra push to lift more. My only concern is the bad odor the pills have, I'm hoping that my body doest smell like the pills do when I sweat.

njvtec's Rating

njvtec did not leave a written review for this product.

Supermanunchain's Rating

I keep track of my workouts in a log, tracking my reps, routine, sets etc. and while on this product I saw the exercises that involved heavier lifting, I.E. Dead-lifts, bench squats etc., went up around 30lbs and when I came off of this product I kept about 15-20lb of the gains on the weight bar. All in all i think its a good product; However, for those of you that are new to T-Boosters or have not found what you would consider the "magic pill" be aware that this isn't like a pre-workout, it's not something your going to see differences from right away, but you will see a difference while on it. I recommend tracking your lifts and, if your not already, then judge a product like this.

AK036786's Rating

The best T booster I've ever tried, works excellent for me !

SeanSchojan's Rating

no noticeable size different, but strength gains skyrocketed. Tasted terrible, and you had to take 6 pills a day,

realdiehl027's Rating

I have cycled T-Bomb II four times in the past three years, and I have noticed results every time. Pumps are solid and last much longer than normal (if you don't dehydrate yourself). Gains are noticeable and you get that extra power/drive to do a couple more reps when you might not have been able to before. It may all be mental in that aspect, but this stuff has worked for me every time. I gave it a 9 because it gives you a very short temper. While the extra libido is awesome, the dark side of it is you get angry much quicker. Again, this will vary depending on your personality, but I already have a short fuse with certain things and had to learn to compose myself at times. If you get your temper under control, the gains are 100% worth it.

Berezovskiy's Rating

Unfortunately, did not notice any result.

lLiftBrah's Rating

I love T-Bomb! Get test booster while lowering the estrogen levels. I've made awesome gains while using T-Bomb and the price is reasonable. My libido also spiked up which is a plus. Easy to take with promising results. I recommend this to anyone especially the older generation of men who need that boost.

BergKatse's Rating

I was very impressed with this product, it really helped kick start my sex drive and I started gaining again after coming off a A/T programme a couple of months ago. It would probably work even better if I could remember to take the evening dose too!

Yooper55's Rating

Yooper55 did not leave a written review for this product.

Beast951's Rating

This product works helps me push those extra reps and a little heavy. Overall good product

gill420's Rating

The words I can say about t-bomb II are GREAT,GREAT N GREAT. This product works as what it supposed to do. I had used this supplement many times and it never disappoint me . It Increases stamina n makes heavy lifts easy. Reduces water retention and supports recovery . Also promotes sexual health .

natecoppock's Rating

This is one of the first T boosters I ever used. It works great, Definitely give it a try

Bu-Dozah's Rating

I took this product after coming off a PH cycle and I feel that it helped kick start my natural Test production in time to keep most of my gains. This stuff also made my libido increase dramatically. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a natural test booster or a good PCT. But again, everyone is different so it may or may not work for you.

spartanf1tness's Rating

spartanf1tness did not leave a written review for this product.

Sinjun's Rating

Sinjun did not leave a written review for this product.

Ballagoody21's Rating

Ballagoody21 did not leave a written review for this product.

kdawg-2469's Rating

I have phased on and off for several years now. I can't attest to this being the ONLY thing that helped while phasing, but it certainly was part of it. Overnight difference isn't accurate or real. Difference over weeks is very accurate and very real. I strongly suggest working into dosage over a 10-14 day period....... I don't ever give 10's unless product does my dishes and fixes my meals...but this is a solid 9 for me.

ardithysa53's Rating

this thing is pretty decent gamma-o was better. It tastes really really really bad to take makes me puke thinking about it.

Kitovich77's Rating

Excellent, unique work product, I recommend to everyone.

1-20 of 282 Reviews