All Natural Muscle Building Protein!

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mferguson39's Rating

mferguson39 did not leave a written review for this product.

missflint's Rating

I love this protein! I cannot tolerate most other proteins, but this seems to settle quite well on my stomach. I am not to thrilled with the taste of the Triple Chocolate flavor I've been using for months. Now, that I've run out, I will try the Vanilla Almond. For anyone with digestive issues, I highly recommend trying this. Also, while nursing, I noticed my baby did not spit up at all while I consumed this one, but he did with other proteins.

ddstephaz's Rating

ddstephaz did not leave a written review for this product.

DustyC's Rating

Cat really beat a lean beef and egg souced protein. If you want something without a ton of extra fat or sugar the this is a good bet to go with

megagne's Rating

I really like the Paleo Protein! The taste is delicious, both flavours. I find the chocolate flavour to mix better with water or almond milk than the vanilla almond, but it has egg white protein powder after all, so you can't expect perfect blending. I always have both at home and use them post-workout and in recipes.

mattyice369's Rating

Now I normally would not be so harsh. I was happy to see that it does not have SOY like most of these products. Which is one of the reasons this is not rated a 0. But this Product does have Maltodextrin added to it so saying Sugar free means nothing when you add this in as a sweetener. If you added something more like grinned Stevia Leaf. Then you could call this a True Paleo Protein. Plus most people who have celiac disease or diabetes who do Paleo you will want to stay away from this.

atoman89's Rating

Just got this protein, first time trying it I was not sure since it gets kinda bubbly. Mix with coconut water (8oz) and let sit for at least 2 minutes for the bubbles to settle. One of the best tasting proteins I have had, compared to ON Gold Standard, not to mention the protein source is top of the line.

bradlee66's Rating

I do Paleo, so this is perfect for me. The Vanilla Almond is great, I mix mine with Almond milk instead of water. This way it has some body and thickness. I sometimes add some frozen bananas or strawberries for extra flavor.

lisa2911's Rating

I love this product because it doesn't bother my stomach like whey proteins do. I have acid reflux and dairy intolerance, and this protein has never given me any issues. I use the vanilla flavor, and it tastes good. The first time I tried it, I thought it was a little bland, but now I actually like it. I also use very little water with it so that probably helps.

jward2090's Rating

I love this stuff. I haven't tried chocolate but the vanilla almond tasted way better than I thought it would since it's all natural. Most supplements make me break out, but this one didn't affect me at all. I think it might actually be helping my skin haha. My only problem with it is it doesn't mix very well.

theitalian87's Rating

I loved the Paleo protein ! The flavor is outstanding. The only thing is that it contains egg whites as well and I think I develop some sensitivity for those.

DangerousD316's Rating

This product is great for the person who is looking to build muscle and has a gluten/dairy free lifestyle. From experience, MHP Paleo protein has helped my body build muscle and it's best used for mass-gainer shakes/smoothies. I normally blend frozen/balanced fruit, proteins, ice, and juice. It's not the greatest mixed alone with water but I've gained mass and muscle in a matter of months! Great product-I hope they never discontinue :)

MedocMan's Rating

If you want to mix this well try blending it into something thick, like a smoothie. I was able to concoct a simple smoothie recipe that's paleo, blends well, and masks the all-too sweet taste of the vanilla: 1/2 cup of coconut milk (good fat, paleo people! You need it!), 1/2 cup water, 1 banana, 1 kale leaf (for nutrients), 1 scoop of protein. Try to experiment. Otherwise, don't expect beef powder to dissolve in anything...

serenababyg's Rating

This is the only paleo protein I've ever tried. I had to go dairy free for a couple of weeks and picked this up. This is by far the most horrid protein I have ever tried. That taste cannot be covered up.

hopkinnl's Rating

The chocolate is great. I order the vanilla hopping it would mix well with fruit. I'm not a fan of vanilla. Its too sweet and gets really frothy no matter if I mix it with water or almond milk. The tolerable solution is to mix with almond milk and finish with water to bring down the froth. I haven't been using it consistently enough to see results but no bloat, full longer, and added protein were my goals.

bradyr25's Rating

I enjoy this product, i mix it with water or almond milk! also pout a scoop of the Pro Senior 12 hour and its great. have seen some good result so far and i have only been on this product for less then 2 months.

Timon7's Rating

Chocolate IS GOOD if you add it in a smoothie. Vanilla not so much. I don't know if it possible but sent me either expired product or a product that has sat on the shelf to long because it was rather rotten egg-ish. When I buy the same product at the store it is much fresher and smells great. Results are good especially for recovery but it lacks the distinct sharpness of say whey and beef protein in regards to how quickly you recover. Taste only good in a smoothie or mixed in some type of juice. Water its horrible both flavours.

mjorod03's Rating

what a great protein blend. I really see great results with this when I am on a low carb diet. my abs r coming in sick as well as maintaining the size I have.

nirvine324's Rating

nirvine324 did not leave a written review for this product.

svondriska's Rating

This just doesn't sit right in my stomach..I've never had this problem but it is too frothy and feels like I'm ch****ing beer foam. The taste isn't any good either :/

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