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Pump-Maximizing Nitric Oxide Supplementation!*

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The3Bar's Rating

As a long-time fan of MHP, I do not look forward to negative reviews, but this did nothing for me. Could be body chemistry, but I'm not sure. I felt no pump from this and no fat burning, no energy support, nothing. Again, could just be me. For now, I'm not impressed.

coastaldamage's Rating

I tried this product and it was complete crap. I ended up taking more than six pills at a time and it still did not work.

cruizer26's Rating

I have bought other NO products, and this one by far has had no positive effects on me. It's supposed to improve your pumps and increase strength, but I felt tired, running out of gas an hour after taking it. I stopped taking it, without any other supplements except protein, and I felt back the way I felt before taking it. It make work for others, but not for me, so I would not recommend it. Save your $40 and try another product. The anadrol has better effects. Even the T-bomb.

valentinomonkey's Rating

Excellent product. Staple pre-workout.

killerblade's Rating

I took this at half serving had the best pumps I have ever got from a pump product taking this at full dose becomes incredibly expensive the pump was no different at full or half to me I'm smaller guy for now so a full dose was made for someone bigger IMO this is ideal for a non stim pre better blood flow better output so the price is bad. effective no doubt

frkoosh's Rating

frkoosh did not leave a written review for this product.

JohnAthlete's Rating

I live for the pump and this is THE PRODUCT for a crazy pump! Pumps were sick on there own, but once I combined with Dark was out of this world! Two weeks into it my girl asked me what I was taking because even an hour after my workout she said I looked "swollen" like bees had stung my muscles HAHAHAHAHAHA!

tburriss's Rating

the clinical dose of glycocarn is the only thing clinically proven to increase pumps! you thought you knew what pump was before with aakg citruline and agmatine? take the full clinical dose which is 6 pills then you will know what an NO product is really supposed to do. ATTENTION this doesnt contain any stimulants if you want something to enhance your focus combine with some caffeine pills to give this product a preworkout type feel! along w beta alanine if you like the itch.

ktturner's Rating

ktturner did not leave a written review for this product.

Hussi90's Rating

Hussi90 did not leave a written review for this product.

sting10305's Rating

This product did absolutely nothing for me... It may help others because it has decent reviews but i got no pump no focus basically nothing... wouldn't recommend this product but mhp usually has good products.. this product just wasn't for me

rwatson000's Rating

this one takes my pumps to the next galaxy...sick product.. Cant ever train with out it.

Rob Luyando's Rating

I sue NO Bomb before every work out and get the most intesive pumps ever. I would recomend NO Bomb to any serious competitor!

Evilsnare's Rating

NO-Bomb is an awesome product! It's one of the only pre-workouts that has no stimulants, I train later at night and I am VERY sensitive to stimulants. Other NO products keep me awake half the night, which is why I take NO-BOMB only. I get a great pump AND a great nights sleep. Thanks again to MHP for making another great product!

bigboygosskinny's Rating

I used to be 200 pounds 5ft 7 in and now i way 160 pounds an no bomb help me a lot it gave me sweet pumps when you work out you have more energy and feel your the rush of blood going throw your skin it realy was amazing and makes it easier to diet you feel like you absorb your food better.

cuts617's Rating

Great Pumps, almost like the muscle is popping through the skin! Awesome workouts with NO-Bomb

dharvey4098's Rating

this is by far the best pump producing workout product I have ever used. I did alot of research on ingredients that were capable of doing this the best and came to this gplc plus nitrates product. So I had to buy it and told myself I wouldn't review it until the bottle was done. after 2 workouts doing shoulders and then arms I had to give this product props because nothing touches it if u want a goarging long lasting pump.

BuiltLikeABear's Rating

I went through 2 bottles of this product taking the full certified dose but saw no results. This was the fourth nitric oxide product I chose and honestly I haven't seen very good results with any, but N.O. Bomb was certainly the worst value.

roeperson's Rating

NO-BOMB's revolutionary dual action GlycoCarn/KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology combo promotes synergistic nitric oxide effects.*

arthurcc's Rating

This MHP product didnt really work for me. I had to combine it with another pre workout in order to maximize its efficiently. I personally prefer MHP Dark Rage over this. Dark Rage is what i will be sticking with for pre workouts.

1-20 of 54 Reviews