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Supports Myostatin Balance To Promote Muscle Growth*

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Jate1's Rating

Jate1 did not leave a written review for this product.

RebelPenguin's Rating

This product has helped make a large difference in my overall fitness. I started my fitness regimen a couple weeks before I ended up being in a major car accident. I had done my research before starting to work out, I was out of shape and I knew I would hurt, but I also knew that adjusting the way I ate and supplementing with aminos, minerals, protein, etc., would make a huge difference. After the accident my fitness plan was derailed pretty badly, but I reasoned that my soft tissue didn't know the difference between a car accident, being beat up, or a heavy workout, so I kept up supplementation while I recouped and rehabilitated. My recovery has been well ahead of the curve, I'm getting back to my previous fitness regimen and in archery I'm almost ready to be certified at double my previous draw weight (I do traditional archery). The one thing I can't stress enough is that the effects of Myo-X really demand added protein/nutrition above and beyond what you may already be used to...insufficient building blocks equals little benefit, and Myo-X is helping direct more bodily resources to muscle. I wouldn't mind if there was another flavour, but the vanilla is good. This is a very good product.

dugdug547's Rating

MyoX definitely takes my workouts to the next level! Remembering to take it the night before morning training is the only reason it's not a 10!! At 47, I'm no stranger to the supplement game and saying that, using MyoX over the past few years , it's quite obvious that its a game changer! Great pumps and tons of available energy... Both off season and during contest prep!! Thank you MHP for a fantastic product!!

The3Bar's Rating

I have found Myo-X to be a very good product. I take one scoop per day at the same time, about 30 minutes before the gym. Exactly when really doesn't matter so long as it's consistent each day while consuming. I prefer it dry - directly from the container. I noticed within a few days that my muscles felt and appeared fuller and more dense. Typical of 'new' bodybuilding products, they work well for some and not for others. Perhaps it's also an age thing, but as I am over 50, this does seem to be working well. One thing to keep in mind is that it appears that a daily consistent dose is very important - same time each day. Otherwise Myostatin could potentially increase. Definitely worth trying, if you haven't. I plan to keep using it, even though it is a wee bit expensive.

carlcrowell's Rating

MYO-X keeps the nystatin levels low. As a man in my sixties, it helps me build muscle mass. I really like this product. This isn't an overnight get big muscles product. It takes time, hard work, and consistency. I am now gaining muscle size that I haven't seen in a few years. I am in my sixties as was losing mass. That has now been reversed!

JGarrigan's Rating

Eating the powder is delicious but this product is absolute garbage. It does nothing, and I challenge a single person to prove that statement wrong. The science behind Myo-X is much more limited than the label tries to make you believe. As a former GNC employee I got a tub for free and saw absolutely no gains what so ever. Save your money and do some research before purchasing any product that makes claims like this one does.

dunbarj34's Rating

So everyone is talking about how good this taste? Mines terrible almost undrinkable. .mines also orange which is a weird color for vanilla I thought so can anyone tell me if it's supposed to be orange or if I got send an old bottle or something?

fmarsala's Rating

I rated this product highly because since I've been taking it feel stronger and I am looking more tone and cut. It's easy to take because you can just eat the powder right out of the container. It tastes like vanilla pound cake and I use it to satisfy my sweet craving at some point of the day. But the most important thing is I feel strong and I look better. It's not cheap but I'll continue using it because I am seeing results.

garrettboyaci's Rating

This is truly a breakthrough in inhibiting myostatin. But remember without serious research on the subject use with cation id s****est anyone willing to take this product to look at Muscle hypertrophy as in some cases can be serious so use as directed. Overall another break through by MHP!

natural10's Rating

Won't be buying again. Based on 1 scoop per day, not worth $60. Maybe at the recommended 2 or 3 scoops per day it might work. The recommended 2 or 3 scoops is what the MHP pro's recommend. But since one scoop didn't really make a difference for me, I'll pass on the product. I prefer to stick to highly rated products or new products with little ratings.

tumminelli's Rating

Well this product is such a love hate thing the only way you'll know if it works is if you go and try it yourself.. I tried it and it helped my gains a lot.. Saw results a lot quicker then before and with the right diet you will see gains easy.. Myostatin levels are different in everyone so in order to know if it works try it. Don't even need water just eat the powder and it taste great. Like a waffle cone literally. This has become a regular supplement I will continue to use. Great product!

truformfit's Rating

First off, the taste alone is out of this world when eaten dry, but unfortunately, this product does not perform what it claims. I took this product for two months and noticed no increase in strength or muscle mass when taken everyday with proper diet and workout routine. Also, I noticed no decrease in DOMS. Please save your money and do not purchase this product.

mjorod03's Rating

Want to build a MASSIVE physique then go get yourself MYO X, iv been taking this product for 3 months now and I blew up in size and strength . along with up your mass my gains just keep coming thank you MHP for making real products that give real results.

DianaMD's Rating

taste like cookies! same equivalent as the "muscle formula" sell by CENEGENICS but the charge $200 for a 30 days supply... the people who holds the patent for this product is also a speaker for age management medicine.



abdelrahim's Rating

taste is great, took the whole thing did not see any difference i think this is a very poor product

Azmodeus9's Rating

Myo-X is such an exciting product in theory. Imagine being able to shut down myostatin with a supplement! The major factor for limiting muscular gains can now be controlled. Unfortunately Myo-X fails to deliver on it's promise. As far as I can tell it did nothing. With such a bold claim noting whether a supplement works or not should be quite easy & based on my 6 months of use I experienced zero muscular gains from limiting myostatin. The only thing this product had going for it then is the taste, which is phenomenal, but at the price, totally not worth it. Spend your money on a quality protein & BCAA instead.

matt75422's Rating

trash, wasted my money and it did nothing. I didn't gain a pound, get stronger or anything. rip off. same results for everyone at my gym.

Cjguilfoil0311's Rating

This product really works great. If you are on the right diet there should be gains immediately. My first week I gained 5 solid pounds. My diets all screwed up now because I'm in Afghanistan. One I wasn't eating enough and eating ****** food my gains stopped. So your diet plays a big part in the outcome of this product.

emanny99's Rating

Taste amazing!!!! Love having this after my breakfast its like cake lol It works great! My recover is awesome I haven't been extremely sore since I've started this it makes u wonder if I'm even working hard enuff lol. I sleep like a baby before I would have problems sleep now I get great sleep and awesome recovery and I see gains! For those who do say this does not work or what ever other comments people read please remember (Kia green says it best) if u don't have ur foundations right ur protein, crab, fat intakes, you are NOT going to see results! But overall it is pricey but its worth every penny

1-20 of 69 Reviews