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vdober's Rating

I'm only three days in so I can't testify to any weight changes, yet. I can say, however, that I feel no additional energy. I'm a two coffees a day drinker. One first thing in the morning and one around 3:00, plus a pre-worker on my lifting days, 3 days a week. Scorch has replaced those coffees in an attempt to keep my caffeine levels reasonable. I went through the same process with Hydroxicut Platinum in the past and I felt significantly more energy off the Hydroxycut than I did from coffee (unfortunately some jitters too). I feel less boost in energy off Scorch than I feel off a cup of black coffee. It's still very early and I'll update my review down the road but as of right now I'm not optimistic. If I'm lethargic all day my resting metabolism can't be running at a higher speed.


This is a good quality thermogenic that will lean you out and help burn fat, I would rate it a 10/10 but it is missing Yohimbe and a few other ingredients which would really make this a must have fat burner. It's cheap and effective as all MAN Sports products, I may purchase again. I stack this this MAN Sports Yohimbe and ISO-Aminos for great results.

elfodd's Rating

Wroks wonders

espook's Rating

First time I've tried a fat burner. I bought this since the reviews seemed decent and I need to shed some of the excess fat I gained during my last bulk. I could feel the effects (similar to a pre-workout/ very weak ecstasy; think 5% the strength) after about 25 minutes, and they lasted a good few hours. Mental clarity, increased energy and appetite suppression were all apparent. I sweated a lot and so upped my water intake. After upping my dosage to the recommended 3x2 I noticed that I couldn't get to sleep until around 4am, when I'd get up at 8am I'd need the morning dose so as not to feel tired. I'm currently in the process of finding the right dose for me. (I'm thinking 2/3 pills in the morning and 1/2 pills at midday) The only caffeine I have is from pepsi max, which I rarely drink and so I probably have a very low tolerance to the stuff! I've taken the pills for about a week and have lost 4kg- most of this will of course be water weight and only time will tell how effective this product is. My high rating is due to the lack of hunger I am feeling while on my deficit and the increased energy the pills give.

Aramirezjr's Rating

With it's dosing of GreenTea Extract and Raspberry Ketones, Scorch along with Vaporize and YHCL allowed me to loose weight even through the holiday season. This stack along with proper diet and exercise will give you results. Scorch when taken at your optimum times of the day can aide in appetite suppression, clean energy, and over all great fat burning. One thing I did notice when taking Scorch was that I was sweating a lot more during both my weight training and cardio days. Also, I believe that the energy given helped out my mood throughout the day, even on a 2200 calorie diet. Excellent product and would recommend to anyone trying to shed some lbs along with proper diet and exercise.

glady1's Rating

Gives me energy without burnout. I have enough energy to workout and still go to work. Best fat burner ever can't wait for spring break!!!

jbrown2388's Rating

havent taken the product but just a little fyi to some of yall that are complaining about the product not working, and ive seen the same complaints on other products but you need to realize that even though your weight isnt dropping the product can still be working. Because muscle weighs more than fat if you are taking the supplement plus working out you can be cutting fat and adding muscle at the same time. It kinda cancels each other out. just because your weight hasnt changed at all doesnt mean you havent lost fat.

Xxyz's Rating

Love this stuff. I'm on my 5th bottle. I started taking this stuff a year ago at 235lbs with very high bodyfat% and today weigh 160lbs at 10% body fat. In 12 months I lost 75lbs. Now my loss is mainly due to proper diet, nutrition and regular exercise yet I don't believe I would have made it here without scorch, this stuff gave me the energy I needed to go to the gym when I was feeling lazy and go above and beyond and really push myself at the gym I'm sure this sped up my weight loss results. I get all hyped up on this stuff, If you like feeling an energy high then this stuff is for you.

grburdett13's Rating

Epic Fail!! For starters, I'm not a workout nut or in any kind of great shape. I typically do 1/2 hour of cardio approx 4 days a week and dont typically eat more than 2500 calories a day. I'm 5'11", 195#. I got this on a Friday and started using it the next morning. After taking 3 capsules and waiting a 1/2 hour or so, I did my normal cardio workout and I felt great. It must have been my mind playing games on me, because I've been taking it as directed for close to 3 weeks now without any results. No weight loss, no appetite suppression, no extra energy. In fact, I would swear it's had a reverse effect. I'm str****ling to get motivated to work out and I'm eating more. Perhaps it's from burning calories, but my weight has not changed.

eurotoys's Rating

Based on other reviews, I stacked this along with the product Vaporize (also from MAN). I took 1 bottle of each until completed and lost 0 lbs. Beginning/ending weight 215 lbs. Complete waste of money. Did make me constipated though!

Khuon87's Rating

I do not want to give a rating yet seeing as its only been 2 days but I will say I love the fact that the energy I get does not make me twitchy or jittery. I just feel awake and I love that I don't crash after, but just feel naturally tired when I'm suppose to feel tired and that's at night right before bed. Hopefully the weight will decrease as well as I continue to exercise. So for now though, the energy I'm getting is enough to give it a 10, I'm just hoping it'll stay a 10.

onyxxxxx's Rating

onyxxxxx did not leave a written review for this product.

neddo's Rating

I really enjoyed these samples alongside the test boosting that was going on (also effective in cutting, increased testy = increased lbm in short). The PEA, Bioperine, and RK are my favorite areas of the profile (granted slightly underdosed IMO, which is why I�ll be adding a slight bit more of RK to my cut). Appetite wasn�t completely cut off, but significantly reduced; it�s the great energy and additional fat burning ingredients that sell this for me. If I�m unable to get ahold of some EC for this cut, I will instead turn again to Scorch as a go-to decision. I was so impressed, I recommended this to 3 of my friends :o

shishg's Rating

I have now used the product for a week - I have used all sorts of other supplements like COQ10, caffeine tabs, energy drinks - which frankly did very little other than either bloat me or give me a headache. This product is a seriously good - a few tips - when starting use 2 tablets not 3 as specifed on the box - Im 18st - & that is plenty - take an hour before excercise. work out at a medium pace until you start to sweat at that point slowly increase the pace & resistance of the excercise - you will surprise yourself - seriously - awesome product!

34Nick's Rating

Real smooth energy with no crash.I noticed that I was sweating more while working out. It helped increase some of my lifts combined with Body Octane.

gumarelo888's Rating

Really like this product, gives you a great rush of energy with no crash. 3 pills are good enough before cardio or lifting

Sawa3's Rating

Again, i got to log this with my stack. Scorch gave me plenty of energy with no crash. It worked well to raise my body temp as labeled.

Rocker87's Rating

This product provides excellent appetite suppression while also giving great energy that kept me alert, focused, and motivated while I was using it! Appetite suppression worked so well, I would have to remember to eat certain meals because I would get so focused, I would forget all about them!

browguy808's Rating

Energy(8/10) 3 of these bad boys pre-workout is enough to get me going, especially when stacked with body octane! Pump was crazy and energy was good, clean and no crash after which is always a plus!

EnergyBeast4's Rating

Let me just say I am a stimulant junkie. Call me crazy but I love being hyped up and focused to knock out whatever I need to do. Scorch gave me the best energy boost I have ever experienced and it was a steady flow without any crashes, jitters, or headaches that you get from other caffeinated products. On the afternoon of the second day I really was wanting more ADDICTED!!! I had no problem sleeping at night as I do with other stimulants because of the caffeine. Scorch will help give you those blinders to get you through some high intensity cardio or weightlifting.

1-20 of 56 Reviews