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vish0's Rating

vish0 did not leave a written review for this product.

mysticus's Rating

Mine just arrived today. First thing I noticed after taking the first dose is that it worked up my appetite and I felt very hungry........., one would have expected the opposite effect. Is this normal?

Beany81487's Rating

I didn't like this at all. After reading the reviews I was really excited about trying it. Once it got here and I read the instructions I was a bit uphappy with the amount of times per day you need to take this. 4 times! I don't know about you guys but my life is just too busy to remember 4 times. 2 is doable in my book. Then here is the kicker. Your 4th would be around 7ish if you took them every 4 hours of the day BUT the label says don't take it past 6 or it will keep you up at night. On top of that I didn't really receive any results :-/ On a positive note, it gave me good energy in the morning and was easy on the stomach.

Crazymommy1ca's Rating

Great product when used with the eating and workout plan I received great results!

thundercats69's Rating

WELL!!! To clear things out. This is not your typical fat burner. It is simply created for those who are muscular or in "good" physical shape BUT need to shed of some unwanted fat or water in their bodies. I have tried this for a month now and I have experienced some amazing result. I have lost most of my fatty area around my waist line and I am more vascular than before. I can simply say that if it is a LABRADA the it is in the bottle.

1-5 of 5 Reviews