KT Tape Elastic Sports Tape Reviews

Doesn't Restrict Your Range of Motion, Comfortable to Wear!

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tiahpenny's Rating

Comfortable tape to wear, had no reaction to it. Provided the extra patella support that I needed

snoieam's Rating

I use this pretty much on my runs and leg days. The only con about this product is the removal. It kind of sticks to the skin and I have to say... OUCH. Other than that, it's an excellent product.

Switchblade82's Rating

Id say this product gives a basic of all basic support More of a pain to use just because removing it doesn't feel too good I can only imagine a guy using this on their hairy legs OUCH

jruby12's Rating

Follow the directions and it sticks like crazy. I put it on after a shower when the skin was absolutely clean. It gave my knee incredible relief. I would have to go a few days without the tape to give my skin a break because the adhesive was so strong.

avozka's Rating

avozka did not leave a written review for this product.

YungDZ's Rating

Works well if you can get it to stick to your skin. Feels tight and supportive. Down side is its hard to apply on yourself in certain areas: posterior deltoid, traps, skin period! May be I have on to much lotion baby oil lol. But in other areas its like a smaller easy brace for knees elbows joints . .. Overall this product to me is like a six its not needed but it can help with recovery from damage wear an tear good to have some around in your bag or house for the price. Just my thoughts on it good or bad just givin the pros an cons of this product so you can make a good choice for you!

1-6 of 6 Reviews