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A Fully Loaded Fat-Loss Weapon Built with Six Synergistic Ingredients*

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Chestandabs's Rating

How the jym shred capsules looks like can anyone please tell me or show me a pic ?

mahscorpio's Rating

There are bad Fat Loss Supplements, then there are worse Fat Loss Supplements, then comes two piles of ****, then comes Shred JYM. If there was a rating of ZERO i would've given that. Reasons: - 4 Capsules serving size (WTF ? Like seriously ?). They ******* get stuck in the throat mostly. - Costly (and worthless) - Zero ******* results DONT BUY THIS CRAP Just eat healthy and exercise, that's my advice, Rest is up to you.

SwoltronPrime's Rating

Great healthy weight loss aid! I would definitely recommend this product. Everything is great but it could use 25 more mg of caffeine and the "synephrine" of Advantra Z is a maximum of 30% so the actual amount of synephrine at best is 6mg but odds are it's only 5 or 10 percent. This is the first Jym product of seen with any miss leading info.

mukhtarr's Rating

even though its slightly pricier than the other brands i decided to go for it , mainly because of Jim' s claims of this being the best product bla bla bla bla result = nothing , followed the label , watched my intake , drank lots of water and worked out 4-5 times a week , but still nothinggg !! maybe Jim Stoppani si working on an experiment , maybe there were just placebo's that i got and because my mind thinks im having the famous jYM product ill just loose weight ?? maybe i should buy another one ??

czechm8's Rating

The best natural fat burner out there without any crazy shakes or sides of any kind. I find the best way to use this is first dose of 3 pills on an empty stomach then a meal 20 minutes later. Then a second dose of 3 pills mid-afternoon. With a good diet (which most people have no idea how to follow) and training 3-5 times a week you'll see excellent results. The problem with the people who come here and say they see ZERO results, well they don't eat a healthy, clean diet. There are no cheat days or cheat meals if you want to lose weight, those are laze days for lazy people. If you want to reach your goals you need to put effort in to it. If it was easy then everyone would be skinny with a handful of pills. So folks, put effort in to it and you'll see good results with these pills as they magnify YOUR effort.

Aqeelhj's Rating

This product worked well with me and my body fat decreased by 4-5%. However it's not very effective if you aren't training while taking the dose. It is also very useful because it helps you to focus because of the caffeine but don't take them 4 hours before bedtime.

estradjx's Rating

Definitely love this pre workout hands down the best I've had ...... the cherry limeade flavor isn't that great, it's a little too sweet for my taste. It definitely kept me focused through my whole workout. Without any pre workout I was fading out after just an 1hr of working out and once I started jym pre workout 2hr workouts are a breeze I have enough energy to push myself for another set per machine or weights I'm lifting with and after the workout I haven't had crash feeling after where I just want to sleep. Well that's my review at least everyone's body is different and everyone will have different reactions but I definitely had to come give this pre workout a good review because it's the best I've had so far!

happygalfatima's Rating

Been taking this for a week now and 5 pounds down with clean eating and exercising. I don't take the recommended dose. I just take 3 pills a day, one for breakfast, two for lunch. With every diet pill, you still have to change your diet and no cheat meals in between. Not all diet pill will work for everyone and with every diet pill, you still have to eat clean and cut down on calories. Diet pills just give you the little extra ooomps that you need to shed fat. I will continue taking and losing more weight. Will update on my progress.

mbtdsunde's Rating

I was not impressed with the thermogenic blend. It didn't seem to help with fat lose. I took the recommended amount each day, ate clean, and worked hard at the weights and HIIT cardio; still nothing.

apex366's Rating

This product does work, with all the other hard work. It curves the appetite and provides the additional focus. I enjoy the fact the ingredients are broken down unlike most other things on the market. I also use the Pre Jym. If you're not seeing the benefits, why take anything? That was always my question before. I take supplements now for the benefits they provide - I seem to need them as I have aged

TimKridel's Rating

Didn't notice any benefits, even at the maximum recommended dosage. My BF% actually increased slightly. Some other reviewers have reported positive results, but I won't buy it again.

Bmholloway09's Rating

You can't look at this the way you look at PreJym. It's not meant for that. Does it suppress my appetite, check. Does it keep me going during the day; check. Can I take 2 pills and watch my stomach shrink? NO, that's ridiculous. As mentioned below a few times, eat healthy, workout, change your routine to shock your body and be patient.

mrjamal's Rating

I have Shred Jym and it's ok I think if i do 2 servings it might work better, taking 6 pills first thing in the morning on a empty stomach like it says feels like it doesn't work to me. If anybody took 2 servings on here let me know do you feel a difference.

cooperj's Rating

I'm going to have to agree with some of the posts below. This is the 2nd time I've tried using Shred JYM and I've barely seen any results, mixed with good diet and cardio/weights 4 times a week. I've lost some body fat but not what you would expect from taking 2 servings a day, mixed with caffeine. The only positive I experienced was the appetite suppressant, which was overall pretty good.

banulf's Rating

I have used a lot of these types of products. By far this one has been the best! I take it as directed, immediately after I get up. The feeling that it gives is incredible. No jitters, but I know it's working as it makes me feeling really good, and focused. It suppresses my appetite without giving me stomach cramps and it lasts most of the day. Great product...finally!

jagerman7980's Rating

All day energy without the jitters or the crash. I started taking this 2 times a day in the beginning. Once with breakfast and once with lunch. Great energy throughout the day and lost weight consistently while using this along with nutrition and excersize.

williams5501's Rating

Not Impressed at all caffeine had no effect and did not lose any weight. On strict diet and Jym 6 days a week with cardio 5 out of 6. Saw more of a loss with garcinia cambogia than I did with this.

timrios1's Rating

It is always impossible to know how a supplement will affect you personally. I read the super negative reviews, and I take issue with the generalized statements. This product works well for me. I think it's important for all of us to remember that what we do in the gym and the kitchen are the greatest determinants of our success. That being said, Shred JYM does a great job of suppressing my appetite without any jitters. I will mention that I did not like using this in conjunction with Pre-Jym and Post-Jym. Maybe it was the extra 300 mg of caffeine in Pre-Jym. It could also be the NO boosters in both. I tolerate caffeine well, but NO boosters make me feel crummy. When I'm down to my goal weight and cease with Shred Jym; I will finish my Pre-Jym and Post-Jym to see if it was the combination or the individual products.

suitedoc's Rating

This is a really clean formula that I really wanted to like. After trying several bottles on different occasions, I must conclude that it did absolutely nothing for me. Like another reviewer, I actually felt a littler fatter while on the product. I'm very disappointed!

Zamad's Rating

I don't know if it was only me but I seriously lost more pounds when I was not using this product. It did absolutely nothing. Had so much expectations from Jim's product and his "science backed" formulas, I was so intrigued by his supplementation guidelines in Shortcut to Shred program. Hoping it would boost my weight loss it actually slowed down my weekly weight loss progress, I was so confused as to why this was happening. I started dieting more seriously, took a carbohydrate rich me once a week to spike metabolism and a lot other stuff that I read up on and tried different approaches. The clean eat approach seems to me the only best way to lose body fat. One just needs patience, consistency and focus.

1-20 of 710 Reviews