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DMcVean's Rating

Good, try testo booster for free at testotrials.com

achello's Rating

I am 66 years old. 5'10" tall, 157 lbs. I have almost finished the first bottle of Alpha JYM and just ordered two more. I also take the Pre and Post Supplements on my workout days. I am not a lifter. My heart is in the Row Machine and since taking these Supplements, my rowing has gone from a measly 500 meters to sprints of 2000 and then 1000 meters, for a total of 10k meters every workout day, which is 3-4 days a week. My body is changing, loosing body fat and building lean muscle with a very noticeable difference. Never had visible muscles in my arms, back, legs or shoulders before. I have been rowing for over two years and also do sets on the Butterfly and pull down machines mainly. However, I really do see a noticeable difference in my body, my stamina and desire to work out. I actually look forward to it every time, which is quite amazing. I also have more sexual stamina than before and it seems to be getting better with time!! Thanks JYM!

jarodrig70's Rating

jarodrig70 did not leave a written review for this product.

rkmartin4's Rating

I honestly believe the quality of ingredients must be lacking in this supplement. I just don't get anything from it.

tinytubby2007's Rating

this product was recommended to me i was told to use at least to bottles of this before judging, I did. By the end of the first week i noticed a difference energy and endurance i power walk and run hills, what i noticed was less muscle fatigue and soreness at 46 years old and 230 lbs i ran my first half marathon i credit this product for helping me. So after i finished my second bottle i thought this product was failing me i did not feel the surge of energy that i felt from the first bottle, so i did not reorder WELL NOW IM REORDERING I FOUND OUT I GOT USE TO FEELING GREAT SO IT WAS STILL WORKING, SINCE NOT TAKING IT FOR A MONTH MY ENERGY HAS DECREASED ALOT, ENDURANCE RUNNING AND POWER WALKING AND NIGHT TIME FUN WITH MY WIFE !!! SO I WAS ORDERED TO REORDER P.S.S I REALLY RECOMEND TAKING JYM ZMA WITH THIS PRODUCT

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meyn3's Rating

Great product. Helped in all the ways it said it would.

klehrhar503m's Rating

After the first day of taking this, I had explosive diarrhea. I thought it might be a fluke, but after the third day, I stopped taking it. In all fairness, I tried it again a few more times over a month ending with the same results.

DrMorad's Rating

I was impressed by the previous reviews and high rating but after trying the product i can definitly say that its like a placebo, i didn't notice any difference in the power, grouth, recovery or sleep, i don't recommend it at all

innescycle's Rating

Almost finished with first bottle feel stronger overall ordered a second

shiller300's Rating

I bought this product, I almost finished the bottle is don't feel nothing whatsoever. I followed the instructions, and I have good diet I workout 4 days a week. I feel so week when I'm on that product. May it just not for me. I don't notice any side effects.

HackMaTack's Rating

For me, this was a total waste of money. I've taken it as directed for the entire bottle and have noticed absolutely no difference whatsoever. No change in stamina, no change in endurance, no change in men's health areas. I've tried a couple of these products and have come to the conclusion that this is simply a product line that does absolutely nothing in order to generate a profit. There's certainly a demand for products like this, as we know, our testosterone levels drop as we age and trying to compensate for that is an ongoing issue. Not sure I will try another testosterone "boosting" product again. Regardless of this brand, or any other. For me it was a no go.

joinmetal11's Rating

This product was recommended to me by a Personal Trainer at the gym I workout. And I recommend this product to friends, especially to those who want an advantage. I feel a boost of energy throughout the day and during my afternoon training. An example of my afternoon training since taking this product is thoughts of 'going big or go home' attitude. And if, I have a self defeating attitude, I just add more weight and push. For me this is the testosterone working to my advantage like when I was in my 20's. Now that I'm in my 50's, testosterone is important. Having been off testosterone boosters at my age, made my stomach look flabby within days. But, starting back up with Alpha JYM, renewed the definition in my abs within a week. I like the user isn't required to cycle this product like some other T-booster products. My only caution to the user: keep your aggression in check; for me I've noticed an increase. Final recommendation: Take first thing in the morning with a protein shake. And before a workout. And if it's a rest day, in the evening just after your last meal. Cheers!

RaceForThePrize's Rating

RaceForThePrize did not leave a written review for this product.

kleinhansrj's Rating

Cannot tell if this works or doesnt. It definitely makes me think I am recovering faster but I am still sore constantly and not sure if it's the placebo effect pushing me to go harder in the gym. Definitely increased libido and appetite initially. Now, after week 3 I feel like I am coasting. Definitely stack with DHEA. Tried a 2 month supply but I have had better test boosters, not to say this doesnt work, I just cant tell and it works for my roommate

Ghadyawwad's Rating

To be honest i didnt like the product

saviojose1990's Rating

This product is okay-ish. This particular one hasn't shown me as much significant changes as the other products of the brand.

bgood928's Rating

Excellent product - effective too.

MADRIDISTA723's Rating

MADRIDISTA723 did not leave a written review for this product.

Dubybro's Rating

Think it's a great product, just started using it and I find my urine is very dark for a few hours after taking the 3 capsule serving. I'm wondering if I'm ******* out the nutrients in the formula and might have to split the recomended dose Into 3 times a day of 2 capsules spread out? But I'm hydrated lots and still dark urine when I take alpha Jym, anyone else have this concern too

scottcouto's Rating

I rarely provide reviews, but Alpha Jym is the real deal. I'm 41 years old and have nearly finished my first bottle and am purchasing my second. I'm definitely loving the results and highly recommend it.

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