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charliec9811's Rating

So I have tried various pre workouts and this one caught my eye because of the cost of it 60 servings for $30 looked really good, however if you read the label it says that you start with one and then move up to 2 scoops per workout so really its more like 30 servings. There is no tingle or glittering so that a plus but the taste is nothing to bring about, it tastes like straight chemicals, about halfway into the bottle I'm gagging on the stuff. Not really a pump from it but not too sore after a workout

mosher82's Rating

Terrible pwo. It's like taking a placebo. Zero energy, minimal beta - alanine effect. Have taken a myriad of other pwo's and this is by far the worst. The Walmart version of C4 even outperforms this. Only reason I'm rating a 2 is because it tastes decent.

kirdenis's Rating

kirdenis did not leave a written review for this product.

lansermma's Rating

The pink lemonade was not my favorite flavor. This product can be a very good value. Its overall quality is lower than some other pre-workouts. In order to feel like it gave me as much energy and pump as I was looking for, so I had to take multiple doses. I found that this product at high doses could cause gastric distress. I would not recommend this product to anyone with a sensitive stomach or anyone who is too particular about the flavor.

lonerider10's Rating

lonerider10 did not leave a written review for this product.

cpark2's Rating

I've decided to re use this supplement after nearly two years, but the effects are much weaker. I don't feel as strong, and explosive as I did when I first tried the pre-workout. I have to use two scoops from the start of using it now. I cannot give it a lower rating until I try other preworkouts alone. As of now I took White Flood, but I've had a similar response as well.

1BigLug's Rating

Got 2 containers. One was wild cherry and the other crimson punch. Opened the wild cherry and there was no scoop. Had to guess how much to use. Overall a good pre-workout, not as good as the original. Always looking to try different products, your body gets used to supplements so I always like to try something new .

klaassenp's Rating

Love this product great feeling good pumps. Taste is one of the best I have had and I love how it keeps me going all through a workout.

k0bane's Rating

k0bane did not leave a written review for this product.

spiritall's Rating

The taste is good. And overall performance, energy and pump too. Great price. I got it with a sample of final chutz. I use it first thing in the morning before my protein shake then i take j****ernaute before my workout (i train early in the morning so i space the time between finalcutz and j****ernaute to not be overstim from cafein). For now i take usely one scoop or 1.5 and its enough for will no feel like a metamphetamine crazy energy buz and i like it. Smooth energie And it dissolve easily in water. Maybe if younare over 200lbs you will need more scoop or something more strong but for me its a good product. You should give it a try

arutkis's Rating

arutkis did not leave a written review for this product.

jpolanco8's Rating

jpolanco8 did not leave a written review for this product.

JBurton23's Rating

OMG YES!!! This is my favorite pre-workout of all time! I am really big into muscle pumps during my workout and that is exactly what Juggernaut HP does for me. Packed with Beta Alanine and much more as well this product is the real game changer!! Flavors are amazing and it mixes so so good. I highly recommend it to everyone men and women!!

Reddington135's Rating

Definitely a top tier pre-workout. It gives me sustained energy throughout my workout, and I don't have any crash, even during brutal leg workouts where all I normally want to do is quit. The taste is good, and is something I don't mind pounding down before a workout. Sits well with me too, so I know I am not queezy during my grueling workouts.

frankcimino's Rating

Im not a fan of the whole pre workout is a must idea that is around us all the time. If you eat well then you will have plenty of energy to do what you need to in the gym. With that being said, being prior military I do understand the need for a pick me up at the end of a hellish day. I don't like a whole lot of caffeine in my pre workout, it ends up making me feel over stimulated and then my mind is all over the place but with this product i feel a smooth rush of energy that I am able to control. The pump that I can get when I have used this is pretty intense as well. No it wont put 15lbs of muscle on you, no it wont make you stronger, no you wont be Jay Cutler from it. But all in all for 28$ and 60 servings this is legit. Eat well, lift heavy, sleep well. Peace and love to you all.

brbrooks09's Rating

Not the best pre-workout I've ever used, but it's not the worst. If your on a budget its a great price per serving, and well get the job done. I just rather pay a little more for something better. Other than that the taste is fine, and it will give you a decent pump with moderate energy.

yigitcan's Rating

Not the best. But still works. If there is promotion or something and you are on a budget good option

jesseengen's Rating

Wasn't really blown away by the product. Had to take more of it then others to get the same affect. I would probably go with something else in the future, didn't give the pump I was expecting.

CharlesGutzman's Rating

Not much to say this pre-workout works and tastes great.

classiccristal's Rating

Juggernaut HP did exactly it said it would do, I can't complain only compliment! I would take it before my lunch time workouts and man was I pumped. I didn't feel jittery or "cracked out", simply felt super motivated, alert, and focused on my workouts. It also doesn't make me bloated just in case anyone is wondering ;) . If you're into the Beta Alanine tingle, this one makes you feel it. I personally like the tingles and about 10-20 minutes into my workout I started feeling them and I'd get eve more pumped to keep lifting! Taste is good, wild cherry is pretty **** good! It tastes a tiny tiny tiny bit "chemically" but very very minimal. Wouldn't pass this product up just because of that. Simply giving my personal review on it :) . I don't take it past 4pm though because I won't sleep well, so I'll take it prior to morning or lunch time workouts.

1-20 of 273 Reviews