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Explosive Energy For To Help Your Pre-Workout Experience!*

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emilenjoyfit's Rating

Not bad as pre workout, give you a good pump and energy, but less effective and incomplete compared to other brands. I tried for 2 months and a half.

cmurrell12's Rating

Second work out in on Juggernaut and wow. I have been swapping from prework out to prework out a lot in 2014 but I think I have found me go to for 2015. Juggernaught for me has the perfect caffeine level in order to pump up me and get me ready to get stuck into a big gym session, but not so much that i get over stimulated and loose the plot. What I find that sets Juggernaut apart from other cheaper products is the pump. THE PUMP! Havent swollen up like this in a looong time, and it feels good! $30 for a 60 serve tub is the best value pretty much around and it really compares to the more expensive products on the market. Only down side is it has a pretty horrible after taste, but going down its fine. Couldn't recommend this highly enough.

rjcranium's Rating

I have used this product for a month now and I have steadily increased the weights I am lifting each and every workout. The taste is okay but I find that if you put a little extra water in, it tastes even better. It gives good energy and focus, also. This is pretty much an all-in-one pre-workout supplement that is under-dosed in certain areas and perfectly dosed in others. It's worth a try if you haven't used it before.

jasbaum4021's Rating

not bad tasting - but compared to some of the others pre workouts I've tried this one was by far my least favorite. Made me sick when my workout got intense. Might just be my body though.

ecxtimmy's Rating

Great PWO, taste is good and this PWO works.

elizalane5's Rating

Crimson Punch original Juggernaut is, and always will be, my favorite. I always cycle off for a few weeks, after taking it for 4-6 weeks, as you should with any preworkout, to avoid tolerance. The energy is phenomenal, but no jitters. I get an incredible pump from taking this.. veins absolutely everywhere. I have class/ clinicals 9-12 hours/ day 5 days/ week... Juggernaut is so necessary to maintaining the intensity of my workouts, when I have 0 energy/ focus left.

devmahmoud's Rating

devmahmoud did not leave a written review for this product.

playmaker6's Rating

Great taste. No flush. Noticeable pump and focus. ...and you don't run to the bathroom immediately following taking it. Only down fall is it takes about 30 minutes to kick in, other than that awesome product.

nhansen87's Rating

Pretty good pre work out. Good pumps and mild energy. I would have given it a higher score had I not had to use 2 scoops to feel it. I work out early and rely on pres to get me pumped to go to the gym. This one just fell a little short but was worth a try.

manilagorilla's Rating

this is an amazing preworkout product. I personally prefer this over the new HP due to more insane pumps and energy. the taste is a little powdery, but definitely worth the incredible workouts you'll have with this product

Solfernus's Rating

This is the worst preworkout I have used yet. I felt unfocused and lacking energy each time, and even felt a bit warm and uncomfortable. The flavor is horrible too... like choking down chemical flavored chalk. Never again...

Finn4thewin's Rating

When I first received my J****ernaut Pre-workout I was overjoyed. Mere seconds after the box was opened I was measuring out the water into my blender ball in anticipation for the the earth shattering workouts that would ensue from such a powerful sounding supplement. I poured the powder in with the same happiness felt by children on Christmas morning and then preceded to thouroughly mix it. It foamed quite a lot but I shr****ed it off. The smile however quickly disappeared off of my face as the first bit of liquid passed my lips. I was greeted by a tast that can only be discribed as agricultural runoff and a consistancy of watered down pepto bismol with grains of sand in it. The power was meh at best. Not worth the taste at all

kauaiSD09's Rating

Not an extremely intense product. Pretty good pump. Nothing special but worth the price in my opinion. Tastes like Kool-Aid.

diegonrmed's Rating

Good energy! Optimized my trainning. I think Orange flavor terrible... but we want muscles, not candies!

jon725's Rating

Just had it for the first time today. FELT AMAZING. Taste was very good compared to other pre-workouts expecially the after taste!! During my workout i felt like i could just keep going for alot longer. Felt a really good pump too and so far I am very satisfied with this product.

naderqud's Rating

I took this first thing in the morning, without a meal as my workouts were really early and this to me was sufficent enough without food. It has carbs, protien amino acids and most importantly gylcogen. Pumps were amazing, i'm not only talking about the pumps at the gym, but outside of the gym, my muscles were more fuller than before, although there wasnt any major changes in diet or workout. Every muscle felt mroe full, my focus was amazing, my mood was uplifted sort of thing after taking this. and mostly broke personal records on all my exercises, and breaks. I was shocked by all this being done by a single supplement and this did it. a 10 is a high score but i think it deserves it. Most supps only give you one thing, focus, or pump or strength but this gives you EVERYTHING! Thank you!

neutron15's Rating

neutron15 did not leave a written review for this product.

bmash12's Rating

been on this pre work out now for about 2 weeks and I definitely feel the kick i need and dont feel the tingles as bad!

str1fe's Rating

first PWO i have ever finished. went from 60kg dumbell press to 75kg in 2 weeks. personal note is that i weigh 65 kg HA! took a bit to get used to the taste but the fineness of the powder is fantastic and dissolves almost instantly. i tried crimson punch. once again everyone is different but this is the best full term PWO i have used to date. :)

JeremyRogers's Rating

Without a doubt my favorite preworkout I have ever used. Taste is amazing if mixed with orange juice and tastes like a dreamsicle, and isn't bad if mixed with water. The pump is great, I notice on arm days my forearms are just completely firm and flooded with blood. It has lots of caffeine but not so much that it'll make you jittery. The gains in weight and strength I got while using this are phenomenal. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

1-20 of 348 Reviews