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xaimbe's Rating

xaimbe did not leave a written review for this product.

Julian1's Rating

now I know I'm not going to believe these reviews any more I have taken all of this company products and they don't work. They are weak dosed of not what they say they are. I'm will never buy any thing else infinite labs.

royroya's Rating

very good ! helpd me a lot

mikestud007's Rating

mikestud007 did not leave a written review for this product.

Toallhisdoom's Rating

I have never been so impressed by a product before! This has taken away vertually all of my join pain! NO BAD TASTE/SMELL! No idea what people are talking about with bad taste or smell, these are in a capsule so you taste/smell nothing. 100% recommend these!

jfernandes2011's Rating

jfernandes2011 did not leave a written review for this product.

AlyMaeRenee's Rating

I take half of the recommended servings per day (i'm 109lbs, 5'2") and have less joint inflammation in my knees and shoulders when I lift. I highly recommend this to anyone.

Rjacobsen's Rating

The label has been updated, it looks may look different when you get yours. I'm over 50 so keeping my joints working is important, this seems to do the trick, I have no joint pain and work out moderately 3 times a week, not that I had any pain before. The smell is interesting, I don't seem to mind, I would not recommend chewing this one.

MEKSUS's Rating

Хорошо помогает, заметно снизилась боль в локтевом суставе при работе на трицепс. Спасибо!

Macekonarik's Rating

For three months before taking joint support my elbows were continuously sore.. After one week of the supplements the pain was gone. Thanks.

Rand022868's Rating

Works awesome, but taste and smell are really nasty

artyomsvk's Rating

artyomsvk did not leave a written review for this product.

Mytime2getfit's Rating

I must say that I have really been pleased with this product. I've suffered with tennis elbow issues for a year, which has prevented me from being able to lift heavy. I just finished my first bottle of infinite labs joint support and I plan to order my second bottle. It has truly helped.

TimeToMakeGains's Rating

YEAAAA instead of getting my usual multi and joint formula witch would have costed me 40$ + then i saw this deal, i got usp labs multi with free joint supp for 25$ with shipping, i even added 2 free protein samples with my order cause im a grimmie as getto mofo ;)

sudevan's Rating

I took only 2 tablets a day, instead of the 6 as s****ested. I'm just not comfortable stuffing so many tablets into my body. The sore elbows felt a little more relieved compared to before I started taking this supplement. Has a nasty taste and smell though, due to the turmeric contents. But turmeric is a good and natural anti inflammatory ingredient so I didn't mind it much. Will be buying it again for sure.

Haucha's Rating

Can definitely tell the difference since beginning use this product. My wife says they taste terrible, but this stuff gets the job done and its affordable. I'm very happy with my results and will continue to use this supplement.

Nadinha's Rating

Nadinha did not leave a written review for this product.

Phastroh1's Rating

First thing I will say is WOW on the taste. I put one in my mouth and it was gross tasting haha it was spice like probably because of the ginger. Other than that the pill works well as far as I can feel. Never had much joint pain but now I have none and I jog and I am heavy.

Angelica's Rating

Wonderful formula! I battled painful tendonitis and bursitis. After taking Joint Support, it is remarkably improved. I tried other formulas in the past, but the improvement was not worthy of notice like this one.

automattik's Rating

Works great and cheap. Had a little elbow pain now that's gone I just kept taking it must have supplement if your lifting heavy

1-20 of 33 Reviews