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natural10's Rating

What can I say. Pros: Stuff made me gain weight FAST, as I wanted. Stuff did just what I wanted it to do, which is make me gain weight. Cons: I feel kinda catabolic in the morning when I take this at night b4 bed. So may not be the best product to have by itself at bedtime. Will I reorder? Its expensive, goes fast if taken twice a day. I'll reorder if and when I can afford it. Overall I'm happy with the product, but I made this a better nighttime formula by adding some casein in with this to my shaker cup. Bodybuilding is a science and an expensive hobby, specially at my level. One more thing, I'm up over 6 pounds on the first tub.

Bakerboy150's Rating

Bakerboy150 did not leave a written review for this product.

ZacHHamam's Rating

Works great. Taste good and mixes well. Gave me a few extra pounds I was looking for from a mass gainer. I would recommend this product.

Fenno007's Rating

Extremely thick once blended even when using only two scoops of it with plain water, I cant imagine trying to swallow 4 scoops of this stuff. I'm definitely wont be purchasing this again,

brettrkrohn's Rating

Works amazing... Gained 20lbs in 1 month w/ constant gym time (once a day for 1-2hrs). Also ran (everyday about 3-6 miles) while taking I M and didn't effect my run time. GREAT PROTINE AND WILL CONTINUE TO USE FOR MUSCLE AND WEIGHT GAIN

alve11's Rating

very good product I loved the flavor, it blends well and tastes fantastic.

wars4me's Rating

Not a huge fan, gives OK results but, the taste is horrible and is way too thick even with water. Don't mix it with milk it's almost impossible to get it down

eperez80w's Rating

best tasting gainer ive had. and ive tried a lot of them.

Awiese's Rating

Incredible mass gaining protein, I put on about 10 pounds when I used this... Of lean mass! Tastes great and mixes well with water or milk. It gets thick so I divided the whole shake into 2 separate 12oz servings the first with milk and second with water... Great product!

bbg405's Rating

I've used this product for almost 3 weeks and am already seeing some nice results, mixes well with just water, tastes pretty **** good, it does make me feel bloated but nothing I can't handle

slazenby's Rating

I am not a fan of this mass gainer, I have seen results but not as much as when using other gainers in the past. If mixed with milk it becomes an undrinkable solid within a few minutes and has a lower calorie count scoop-for-scoop than "Up Your Mass." This is not something that I look forward to drinking and I will be happy when my supply is gone and I can return to "Up Your Mass."

dylanmiller82's Rating

This is my first time taking this product. I have taken it for a few days and love it. The flavor is amazing and taking 1serving a day with a half gal of whole milk is packing weight on me like crazy, and keeping me lean. My brother is a personal trainer and is amazed by just a few days of me taking it.

SilverbackSeth's Rating

this is the only weight gainer i use. training 2x a day this keeps my weight on!

4rchduk3's Rating

Tastes amazing! Mixes very easily. Excellent by itself.

Zacchk's Rating

Love this stuff, taste is awesome, although you need a bigger shaker bottle to mix properly, but taste like chocolate pudding, not to mention I've went up in weight just after a couple uses.

aznrtypes's Rating

This is the best mass gainer I have ever had, it tastes best with just water, like a ice cream smoothie. I've tried a variety of mass gainers that have either made me super gassy, feel bloated, or just wouldn't dissolve properly. I am actually very surprised on how little reviews this product has, will definitely buy another supply after for my bulking.

teamsw's Rating

teamsw did not leave a written review for this product.

go2mtiger's Rating

Follow up ALL of my workouts with Infinite Mass. This product is great.

kll28210's Rating

Tastes great and works well. Made gains of 6lbs when I used it!

cmugan's Rating

cmugan did not leave a written review for this product.

1-20 of 27 Reviews