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AlexKladder's Rating

So I previously gave this a rating of a 10, but never tried similar products before. Now years later and plenty of products tried, I realized I had no idea. Still a great product, but there are a lot better out there.

ZacK1313's Rating

I love this product!!! I have tried many Test-Boosters and products of that nature that claim they do amazing things only to fall short... way short. This is not one of those products. Dagger did what it claimed to do, I had more strength and focus while I was training. I was also able to finish with the same intensity that I started with at the beginning of the workout. It has a good amount of D-Aspartic Acid which I really like. I used the lemonade flavor which is a little to tart, but mixed with your favorite pre-workout and your good to go. It is a solid product that will help you boost your workouts to the next level.

didge4life's Rating

Started using this supplement about 2 weeks ago and thought I'd write a review. Taste: 3 I give this a 3 for taste as its pretty terrible but i have had worse. Mix-ability: 1 Does not mix well at all, left with clumps and white stuff at the bottom of the cup. Positives : Does help add some aggression to my workouts, and it feels as though it works, as my strength has increased but cant put that down to just this. Negatives: Besides the mix-abilty and taste the biggest thing for me within half an hour of taking this I'm in the toilet with diarrhea. I have heard other people with the same problem from this supplement, but thought id try it myself. Conclusion: There are better test booster's/ pre workout there, and with side effects like diarrhea and not really giving the kick and test boost it claims to, I'd rather use Beast Test or Test by USP, both of which give better results and no sides. But this is just my personal review of this supp i'm sure there are people out there liking this one.

CharLaHey's Rating

CharLaHey did not leave a written review for this product.

avdehe's Rating

about 3/4 of the way through my first one of these and I've noticed a lot of gains in my lifting as well as mass. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a test booster. flavor isn't too bad when you put the right amount of water in it. also, the scooper is bigger then recommended dose! just keep that in mind if you use this product.

kyma's Rating

i could not write helpful review , in Australia we spend $80 to swallow this take it off the shelves and get it right . and to try to mix this in 6-8 oz of water you kidding

rickmeier20's Rating

rickmeier20 did not leave a written review for this product.

JamesDavid69's Rating

This product is actually quite impressive. I've been working out with C4 for the past few months, and have gotten good results. I decided to mix my C4 with this product, and the results are amazing. I get explosive energy boost, but now - my strength has moved to a next level. Even my first time taking this product I noticed that I felt clear minded and really focused. I truly believe that it has supported my body with considerable amounts of testosterone for that next level strength that body builders are looking for. The amount of weights that I'm pushing now are impressively better than ever before. Good product. Taste is mediocre, but suck it up.

Variable's Rating

This product delivers me a very odd/off effect and taste which is not plesant nor performance increasing at all. Actually it hurts my performance. First off, after manging to throat through the terrible taste, trickling acidic residue and terrible smell - you will obtain this strong irritable sensation after 20-30 minutes. You feel as if you may be transforming into this unstoppable beast but unfortunately all that remains is this constant irritable sensation with no hope of a performance gain. It is hard to even sustain normal gym activity as you will become more irritable during your activities and as your senses glare back on what you consumed (god awfull trickling aftertaste), it will make you even more irritable. I was hoping for good things with this product but it has really fell short bad. I rarely feel the need to review a product but this particular one stands out as being so poorly designed or poorly tested as there is no hope for satisfication in taking it. I will be looking for a new pre-workout/test booster

cjjenkins79's Rating

This stuff burns my throat when I drink it. In spite of the horrible taste and burn it left in my throat, I tried using it for a solid two weeks and I haven't noticed any increase in strength or energy that would be synonymous with a true test booster. Try something else...

stubbygreen's Rating

AWFUL just sayin

isaaciwf's Rating

This stuff is everything they say it is and then some!!!! No big secret, look who makes it! If you know anything about natural test boosters, there's THREE of them in this formula!!! I've only had one give me a better test type boost and that was medical grade 1000 mg Tribulus tabs!!!! I highly recommend DAGGER! If you want to be a real man.... GET DAGGERED! I know my taste rating is only an eight, I'm not a big fan of any cherry flavor.

misfit28's Rating

I logged this product for IL at the following link: It gives explanations for my ratings. Overall, a very solid product except for mixability and servings size issues!!

vtnek's Rating

When I first used this I was happy but not head over heals for it. Then I took it on an empty stomach and that's what brought it to a 9 . My goal is to gain mass so I usually eat before the gym and take my ore workout soon after. times to have less in my stomach to get the full effect. Good ingrediant list really compliments your T booster.

monstermix's Rating

If I were served a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day with this flavor I would turn it down. On the other hand, the taste is not unbearable; and, worth the benefits of the product. Shortly after introducing Dagger into my morning routine I was able to step up my weight training and felt an increase of endurance for my running regimen...Good or bad, I have also experienced a boost of aggression; allowing me to push harder during those work-outs, but leaving me having to reel it in a little when people push the wrong buttons. Being honest, approaching 40, I was looking for a testosterone boost. Without getting levels actually measured I cannot say whether it is an increase in testosterone for sure. However, from my experience I would attribute a [seriously] heightened libido to the use of this product. The aforementioned was based on two months of use. With only a scoop left I skipped a few days and then used the last one on a heavy training day. The impact was evident. Originally, I purchased the 55g size as part of a buy 1 get 1 promotion and decided to give Black Cherry a go. I have since ordered the 330g lemonade flavor and am looking forward to integrating it back into the plan.

SWelch's Rating

The Lemonade taste was more like a HARD lemonade - really strong, great flavoring take. Some flakes leftover, but not too much. I did have to swish and swig, and then do a slight rinse to get all the goodies. The T-boost effects and pre-w.o. effects are more evenly balanced than another product I've tried. Not as much 'Boost' as I've had from straight 'pill form' T-boosters, not as much 'roar' as I've had with some preworkouts. But considering that I get a pensive, straightforward push to do my morning workouts, and a bit of a test boost (which helps keep my face clear-er and keeps me from falling out at night) with a little bit of added creatine for size made this an enjoyable run and a good way to get back into increasing my workouts after a quite interrupted summer.

bmash12's Rating

bmash12 did not leave a written review for this product.

mtownballer20's Rating

Dagger is serious business. I did a log on it and this stuff works. Made me go into beast mode in the gym everyday! Shattering my PR's!

RTBarton's Rating

Does not mix well at all

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