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cfergusn's Rating

Been taking this on and off again for four years. When you start, take only one dose. This stuff gives me all sorts of odd feelings for the first day. After that, I am usually good. Drink lots of water, if not already. Do not take on an empty stomach, and ensure you take at least 30 minutes before your workout. When ready, take two a day, but be ready to accept the consequences. My wife really dislikes the "constant desire and energy" I have.

whiteblazer00's Rating

Very good product. I've been taking Cyclo Bolan NT for 6 weeks with Infinite Labs BCAA and have noticed solid gains. I will continue to use Infinite Labs products.

jlcerar1's Rating

This stuff made me sick cold sweats chills stomach hurt i could'nt take it

TiagoA's Rating

Seems like I have the flu when I take this, I get chills and my heart rate goes up like crazy! Have bought other Infinite Labs products but have to say that this just does not cut for me.

ZacHHamam's Rating

I loved this product!! Great gains in strength and mass and was able to workout longer and stronger. I would recommend this product.

Solfernus's Rating

I found this to be an interesting product. When doing high rep range lifts (example being cable flies), I found myself getting chills all over my body, lasting through the last 3 or 4 reps. These chills were accompanied with increased sensations of aggression. This effect wore off after a few weeks of use. While I won't be using this product again, that was an interesting sensation to say the least.

Kitovich77's Rating

Unambiguous increase in force long after the course of two months. Working formula!

naxis's Rating

AVOID ? This Could Cost You Your Gains I have over 20 years of lifting experience and this is the most negative product I have ever tried. I made 3 attempts and it cost me every time. Side effects: Sleep ? Even when I had taken the only 2 tablets before 9 in the morning it still gave me sleep problems. This stops you making gains and impacts your CNS and immune system. Each attempt was shortly followed by getting a cold of the flu??and losing loads of size and strength. Sleep problems persist even when you try to combat them with melatonin and ZMA!!! Feel Crap ? I felt terrible after taking this and so training was ruined. The best way to describe this is feeling like you are coming down with the flu. Pulse rate ? My pulse would race on t

supplementsuckr's Rating

Like others said, this stuff is potent! Really heats you up and gives you energy different than other pre-sups. I would only consider taking this in the morning and don't start out taking three! Start with one! This also really jump starts your libido(no joke). I'm over 40 and can really tell a difference. I would recommend this but just be careful with the amount, more isn't better with this sup.

magnum500's Rating

This stuff hits hard and quick! Aggression is way up,not good if you're already an angry person lol!

kaj4611's Rating

kaj4611 did not leave a written review for this product.

AmazingHands's Rating

Sex drive like a 16 year old and training like an animal. The gf is scared at times of how I always and I mean always am ready to go. But she definitely usually appreciates it

torpedomanmk77's Rating

torpedomanmk77 did not leave a written review for this product.

Maxim3000's Rating

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Pro Lee Priest's Rating

I am currently using Infinite Labs Cyclo Bolan 1 capsule 3 x a day and found it is a great test booster and highly recommend you use it. I have notice a great increase in strength which has help me with muscle gains but also Cyclo Bolan hits body fat so I am getting size ,strength and lean at the same time from a single product, I am extremely happy with my results. Is the best Cyclo Bolan Testosterone booster on the market . Lee Priest

TeamIronClad's Rating

Cyclo Bolan is VERY simple to use and was VERY effective. Last year, I put on an whopping 13 lbs of pure muscle. Thank you IL!!

bmash12's Rating

bmash12 did not leave a written review for this product.

madmax878's Rating

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