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Optimize Power Output, Fight Fatigue, And Promote Lean Mass!*

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englishal's Rating

So disappointing! I remember buying this from a GNC back in 2010, it was dark pink and granular. It mixed with 8oz of cold water tasted strong and started to flush the face and increase heart rate and perspiration within 15 minutes. The sheer drive, energy and focus was at the time the best id ever felt. I decided to get tub as there are so few preworkouts now that actually do anything, quite often it is, as in this instance, because someone changed the recipe and took out all traces of chemical efficacy. I got this in the post, loaded up one scoop, and......nothing. It did absolutely nothing, cant have been tolerance as it had been 3 years plus since the last tub. The product looked different too: now a light pink fine powder, with no odor and an average taste. Have tried it a couple of times since, empty stomach, post snack etc and nothing. I keep it on as creatine product only, and use a different pre workout.

ramseyrowland's Rating

I purchased a tub of this product several months ago and it arrived in a solid brick of product. It was sealed and there was an anti moisture pack in it but one would have to chisel it to get any useable product. I called BB and their response was great. They sent out another tub. I opened it and found the same solid clump of product. I chiseled out the product and ran through a blender to mix it. I tried the product for a little over a week and felt no effect. I threw out the two tubs of product.

thnakd1's Rating

The Carno Cre works great. The citrus flavor mixes well with my Orange J****ernaut HP PWO. And it even tastes great alone! It has helped me get some great results in putting back on almost 15 pounds of muscle!

Tommy_Guns's Rating

Great tasting product and great creatine blend. Felt very strong while talking this product and beta-alanine pre-workout was perfect. Defintely recommened for a pre-workout/creatine product without caffeine.

Solfernus's Rating

By itself, this product is a waste of money for me. I ended up mixing it with Juggernaut to finish the tub. Flavor was also a little funky. Will not buy again.

qdorsey's Rating

This is a great pre workout igniter, but I have to say that it tends to become clumpy. Maybe concrete like is the term, it literally hardens up...well at least for me it did.

cmugan's Rating

cmugan did not leave a written review for this product.

teamsw's Rating

teamsw did not leave a written review for this product.

go2mtiger's Rating

Excellent product! Awesome pre-workout energy. Highly Recommended!!!

DaniMac8's Rating

This is the perfect combination of creatine and beta alanine! It gives me the "tingle" I need to get me amped up for my workouts, and the pump is INCREDIBLE!

JillyJill0707's Rating

The flavors are so good and mix well. Felt a good pump off of the Carno Cre. I liked that the Beta Alanine was not way over the top and didn't make me itch like crazy. Great product!

eduedu99's Rating

I got a bottle of this at the Arnold and was surprised how much I love it. The beta alanine tingles can get intense but its still an awesome product and tastes great. Will buy it again.

COWPENS2012's Rating

Taste awesome, felt it quick on an empty stomach but...had Explosive Diarrhea within like 30 minutes of taking????

Solinski's Rating

Pre-workout and love the taste! I feel stronger and this makes my workouts kick ***!!

CinderellaMan1's Rating

I don't know where to begin besides opening the container! Completely different compound than any other Creatine I've ever tried! Not that starchy mix that you get from other companies. Using as directed for intense training, two scoops throughout your day is amazing. To get all the benefits. Usually you will see supplement companies tell you to load like five times a day. Personally I don't have that much time to go to the bathroom. Having that second gear as I call it to perform more reps and delay muscle failure and fatigue from heavy weights due to "Beta-Alanine" is priceless. Mixing in Creatine to enhance it's retention to saturate the muscle is an awesome idea! I find that I can go more in reps and another set than a previous supplement I've taking before. The taste reminds me of a crushed grape push-up icy you use to get when you were a kid. Sooo awesome of a taste! Give it a couple of days for it to get into your system and you will find amazing differences than your last weeks work out. I personally take Juggernaut HP, Cyclo Boltan and CarnoCre before my workout and I tell body performs like a "Juggernaut"!

nadirah24's Rating

The Carno Cre was a great find after sampling a few other Creatine supplements. I didn't experience any bloat or erratic heartbeats like I had with some other creatines containing lots of stimulants. I was able to take this every day without any issues and it tastes great! Mixed really well with my Juggernaut Pink Lemonade BCAA's. Definitley will buy more of the Carno Cre.

kennknee's Rating

I mix the citrus with my IL J****ernaut HP for a weight workout and it's like a party exploded in my mouth! Fantastic taste!!! Then sometimes I use it alone, especially if I am doing cardio at night since it's a pre-workout NON stim. Still, the taste is awesome, and it's nice that it's a blend of creatines. One of the best supps on the market!

Oscarhead's Rating

This is my favorite workout product hands down. The new flavor is excellent.

eppert23's Rating

I use this product as directed and i couldn't have been more pleased. Taste was bearable. In the gym i noticed i fatigued later in my workout, which allowed to me to go harder than i had in previous workouts before i started taking CarnoCre.

alika2die4's Rating

The Wild berry taste like grape flavor to me. I cant stand grape but its tolerable to drink. The actual performance of Carnocre is amazing though. Taking this stuff during Heavy lift day like legs makes leg day much more manageable. I sip this drink throughout my workout and I was able to get through all my sets without any issues. Usually on the last two sets I can barely manage to get through because I am so exhausted. I recommend!

1-20 of 57 Reviews