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Designed To Support Converting Fat Into Energy, Improving Endurance, & Promoting Healthy Body Composition*

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remnancy33's Rating

Carnitine MTX is a good product for people who is trying to sweat off some fat. I use it before I do my walk everyday and I can see the fat coming off quickly without losing any muscle.. I would recommend it for any woman who is trying to stay lean.

climate007's Rating

No noticeable difference. Look at the bright side, I got the most expensive urine in the neighborhood.

neil11834's Rating

Good quality carnitine. I've bought carnitine from several different brands and this is by far the best. Sweat a lot.

bjordy's Rating

What time of day is it recommended to take this product? before working out, in the morning? at night?

amir_clk500's Rating

I tried l-canitine twice. First one was altar from prima force which worked. second one was this which did not!

Mycatatom's Rating

My goal is to gain weight rather than lose it, but I want real muscle, not fat weight. I think Carnitine MTX has helped me keep the fat off, and I've gained 8 pounds -- 8 more to go!

Primetime213's Rating

Primetime213 did not leave a written review for this product.

Coreysb4's Rating

Coreysb4 did not leave a written review for this product.

Solfernus's Rating

Did not see much, if any, benefit. Probably won't use again.

ZackariF's Rating

Definite difference in definition

geoglush's Rating

geoglush did not leave a written review for this product.

SenseiRivera's Rating

I have tried other fat-burners, but to no avail; however, this one is good quality and will help a lot if one does a fair amount of Cardio. I lost a few pounds, but I know I would have lost more if i did more cardio, which I was not focusing on. Nevertheless, a good quality supplement worth trying.

gazzar91's Rating

After a brief period of using OxyElite Pro, Carnitine MTX helped me make a noticeable difference in my weight loss rate but not so much with energy. It's also kinda cheap so I love using it :P

bmash12's Rating

have lost more weight using this product with my workout than not!

teamsw's Rating

teamsw did not leave a written review for this product.

DaniMac8's Rating

DaniMac8 did not leave a written review for this product.

cmugan's Rating

cmugan did not leave a written review for this product.

pagv0098's Rating

I have been taking this for about two weeks and what a difference it has made. I was on a fat burner for over a month before taking this and I saw very slow losses in weight and waist. However, in the short time Ive started Crnitine MTX, I have already lost 3 lbs and a half inch on my waist. I used to nap daily (my job gets me up very early) but I dont need to on this product, I have energy that lasts all day and no shaking hands either. I feel like I start sweating sooner in my workout and that makes me feel even more ready to work! If I was told I could only take two or three supplements at a time, I would choose Infinite Labs Carnitine MTX first. Im not giving it a perfect score because nothing is perfect, but believe me when I say I have zero regrets taking this product.

momotl's Rating

Decided to give this a try since I had a 2 for 1 deal here at I have been on it for almost a month and I can say I haven't noticed anything different with this product. I haven't gone leaner and don't feel anymore energy with this product. Maybe it works for some of you but out of all the products I tried this product just doesn't do anything for me.

turboscamp's Rating

I've never rated a product before, feeling that I couldn't tell if a product was the source of changes in my physique, but the only change in my supplement mix in the past two months was the addition of Infinite Labs Carnitine MTX. My body fat has been stuck at 10%-12% for years, but in the past 2 months, I've dropped to 8%, and am looking way more cut than ever in my life. This stuff works!

1-20 of 29 Reviews