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winonaforever's Rating

Mixed well with any types of pre-workout, nice pump. I will keep using it.

JoeTheQ's Rating

Works good, no flavor and mixes well in my PWO drink.

Kuni123's Rating

I've bought this product twice. The way I took it was 1scoop upon waking or Pre Workout and 1 scoop before heavy carb meals. My 1st container was awesome. All day pumps and veins, looked of great quality. The 2nd one was different. First, the seal had something Chinese in it, the 1st one didn't. Then upon taking it with the same protocol as the 1st one, I didn't feel anything. My guess is they changed manufacturers and the quality just isn't the same. Would not recommend it now.

Slakk44's Rating

This stuff is the best! I have used many other nitric oxide products but nothing helps me drive and look awesome at the end of my workout like this stuff does. It mixes very well with 4oz of water, and I can feel the effects within 15 to 20 minutes. My veins feel more aerated and almost expanded, and I know it helps deliver more concentrated amounts of my pwo (J****ernaut HP) to my body making me more willing and ready to lift. I love this assuredness it gives me and definitely gives an over-confident feeling which is awesome and definitely needed on heavy lifting days. Halfway through my workout my veins are popping to the point that they usually do when I am done working out. I love this product!

kennknee's Rating

No taste, mixes great. I love to add it to my PWO for an added pump, and it is fantastic. That euphoric workout feeling, that's what agmatine helps with!

Hypertaxx's Rating

Hypertaxx did not leave a written review for this product.

Vintagepeace2's Rating

This product is amazing! Great pumps and mixes well with all supplementation!

Howard22949's Rating

This product is great. The pumps are awesome. Taste isn't that great when taken alone with water but over all it is now a mainstay in my supplementation

JackMartin19's Rating

Extremely good!! It was recommended to me and I will be recommending it to everyone. Definitely worth a try

mixuletz's Rating

It's absolutely amazing. Definitely a permanent staple in my pre stack. Personally I had to double the dose to make it work. Strength and resistance considerably improved.

nickaevans's Rating

I understand the reasoning behind agmatine but it didn't do squat for me. I mix one scoop (750mg) with my pre-work out drink about 30 minutes before hitting the gym. No noticeable pump difference. I will finish the tub and never order it again. Be prepared when you open the tub because the scoop it tiny (imagine the size of a split pea, yeah that small) and there isn't a whole lot in there. It is a sulfate so it stinks really bad as well.

go2mtiger's Rating

go2mtiger did not leave a written review for this product.

DaniMac8's Rating

PERFECT complement to any workout. Never have a workout without the stuff!

JillyJill0707's Rating

Mixes well, no clumps. Perfect to mix into the Original J****ernaut to get an even more intense pump.

BernadetMatassa's Rating

Give me the best pump ever! 10+

cmugan's Rating

cmugan did not leave a written review for this product.

misfit28's Rating

This is a great supplement for pump and focus! I didn't have massive pumps with it, most likely due to my Body fat %, but others have reported HUGE pumps. I do have to say that it is much better than Arginine :) Just mix it with a PWO or something else flavored, and you are good to go. I am considering this again in the future, as i received this free from Infinite Labs to log. Here is my log:

Tony6510's Rating

Agmatine is a very solid pump product. I actually logged this product link: I actually used it as an addition to my J****ernaut also by Infinite Labs. They have a new product J****ernaut HP which already includes this pump lifter. I had solid results, killer workouts, and pumps that lasted all day. They were not as strong throughout the day, but they were there. My muscles were full and hard all day. The results just got better with continual use. Highly recommend as an addition to a good PWO, but would also be good as a standalone.

pkilcarr's Rating

My overall rating for this product is probably an 8.5 It was a great product and i did get some good pumps off of it i just wanted a little better pumps on Shoulder days but it delivered well on my much needed Leg days. Great product and i would recommend to people who enjoy the Pump

Broncogirly51's Rating

Bought this as part of a stack to use for getting leaner. So far great vascularity and great pumps!

1-20 of 24 Reviews